Crimson Village Family Apartments

About Crimson Village

Crimson Village apartments are located on East Ford Street just across from the Kansas Technology Center. The apartments were opened in June 2005. They are available to all full-time, married Pittsburg State students, with or without children, or single parents with children. At least one member of the household has to be a full-time student for each semester and meet income eligibility requirements for Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These apartments are operated through the Pittsburg State University Housing Office.

For more information about Crimson Village, the apartments, and the income verification form, please see the downloads section on the far right of this page.


To apply for Crimson Village Apartments, applicants must complete an application online and then complete a paper copy of the income verification.

1 - Crimson Village Apartments Application: Click here to apply

2 - Income Verification Form: may be downloaded here, mailed to you, or picked up in the University Housing office.  This form must be returned to the University Housing office with appropriate verification documents to confirm income.

**You will be required to return this form in the University Housing office. To do this, you will need to provide additional documentation to verify your annual income. Examples of required documentation are printed on this form; please bring all required documentation with you when applying. Failure to provide further documentation will delay your application processing.**

Applicants that fail to complete the application and all necessary documents will not be considered for a lease in the Crimson Village.



Crimson Village is for PSU Families or PSU Students with children.

All families residing in Crimson Village Apartments must:

All PSU student families (in which at least one member of the household if a full-time student for each semester, who meet income eligibility requirements for Housing and Urban Development (HUD), are eligible to live in Crimson Village.  A full-time student is one who is enrolled in at least ten semester hours of undergraduate credit or at least seven semester hours of graduate credit at PSU each Fall and Spring Semester.
If students want to apply for HUD assistance, that will be the responsibility of the student to apply for HUD through a separate application process through HUD.


Assignment preference is given to families composed of married or single parent students. Other non-traditional age students may be considered depending on qualifications, overall occupancy, and demand by the above groups. All apartments are reserved for families which include children.

The two-bedroom apartments cannot accommodate families with more than four members and the three bedroom apartments cannot accommodate families with more than six members with a maximum of two adults. The apartments are only to be used for single family dwelling units.

Eligibility for any one apartment is further limited to the immediate family.