University Housing & Dining Rates for 2022-2023

Academic Year Rates 2022-2023

All costs are subject to change.

Rates listed are for one academic year (mid August - mid May) or two semesters. These rates are for single occupancy rooms.

Per semester rates are half of the rates listed below.

Meal plan Traditional Style Crimson Commons Willard Hall
7 Day Access $9,426 $9,426 $9,426
5 Day / $100 $9,180 $9,180 $9,180
*1,000 Dining $ $8,170 $8,170 $8,170

*Freshmen are not eligible for this option

A double room discount of $1000 per academic year. Doubles will be limited and singles are the default.

Block 22 Rates 2022-23

(August 7, 2022 – July 29, 2023). Block22 contracts are 12 month long contracts and are not affected by changes in the academic calendar. 

Flat $625 per month
Loft $625 per month
Studio $600/$575 per month
Suite $675/$650 per month
Two Bedroom $600 per person per month

All apartments are single unit apartments, with two exceptions:

  1. There are two 2-bedroom units.
  2. There are select units that may be available for qualified married students for an additional $200 per month per second occupant. 

Family Housing Rates 2022-23

*Utilities included

See Family housing - Crimson Village apartments

Contracts are for one year (June-May). 

Two Bedroom $750 per month
Three Bedroom $835 per month

Summer 2023

All Housing for Summer 2023 and Interims will be single bedroom in Crimson Commons 4 bedroom apartments and charged at the following rates.

*Spring Interim

Full Summer

(Session I and II)

Sessions Only

(Session I or II)

**Summer Interim





No meal plans are available for interim and summer housing.

* A student not enrolled in Intercession 2023 must have fulfilled a Housing and Dining Service Contract for Spring 2023, be enrolled for Summer Session I and have a Housing Contract for Summer Session I in order to be eligible for Spring 2023 Interim Housing.

** A student must have fulfilled a Housing Contract for Summer Session II, be enrolled for Fall 2023 semester and have a Housing and Dining Service Contract for Academic Year 2023-2024 in order to be eligible for Summer 2023 Interim Housing.

Spring Interim (May 13, 2023 through June 3, 2023) 

Summer School Session I (June 4, 2023 through July 1, 2023) 

Summer School Session II (July 2, 2023 through July 29, 2023) 

Summer Interim (July 30, 2023 through August 18, 2023) 

Payment plans & schedule

While you have the opportunity to make a single payment at the beginning of the semester for your housing payment, our most popular option is the installment plan. This plan allows students to pay their housing and tuition payments in four easy installments (a total of eight payments) during the fall and spring semesters. The fee for plan is just $50/semester ($25/housing and $25 for tuition) and is assessed upon enrollment.

Housing and/or tuition installment due dates                     

Fall – August 5 | September 5 | October 5 | November 5

Spring – January 5 | February 5 | March 5 | April 5

Students may either enroll themselves or authorize another individual to make payment on their behalf. By signing up for the plan by August 5th for the Fall semester or by January 5th for the Spring semester, the student or authorized payer may make four (4) installment payments. Enrollment after these dates may require a larger initial payment. Users may choose to set up automatic payments from a checking or savings account (at no additional cost) or by credit card, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or American Express (2.9% convenience fee will be applied). The due dates of payment plans will be the 5th of the month.

More information on payments on Cashiers Office page

Cancellation of Contract

Residence Hall Cancellation terms 22-23