Gorilla Giving Day

One Day. One Purpose. One Proud Gorilla Family.

 gorilla giving day

On March 2, 2020, alumni and friends will come together to support Pittsburg State University during our 24-hour giving campaign, Gorilla Giving Day. This unique fundraising event is the perfect opportunity to show your Gorilla pride by supporting the programs and priorities most meaningful to you. 

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Why March 2?

This year on March 2nd one of Pitt State’s oldest standing traditions, Apple Day, will celebrate the commemoration of the first building appropriation secured by Principal Russell S. Russ and school supporters in 1907. Still today, students, faculty, staff and supporters come together to celebrate this incredible milestone in Pittsburg State University history. As we begin new traditions we hope you participate in Gorilla Giving Day, an event inspired by Apple Day, to continue our purpose of supporting Pittsburg State University.

How can I help?

We already know that one person can make a difference. Our history proves that. And now we're calling on you to make a difference too. Please consider supporting Pitt State on Monday, March 2nd during Gorilla Giving Day - ONE DAY. ONE PURPOSE. ONE PROUD GORILLA FAMILY! Your support helps us advance our mission and strengthen our programs.

2019 Challenges

Matching gifts for Kelce College of Business


The Kelce Leadership Team has a challenge for current students, alumni and friends of the University. The team will match $0.50 for each dollar raised for the Kelce College of Business up to the first $1,000 raised, providing a total match of $500.  Please consider giving to Kelce Leadership Team Matching Challenge during Gorilla Giving Day.

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Dance like a gorilla for Nature Reach

Dr. Jim Triplett, Special Assistant to the President for Sustainability, has a challenge for current students, alumni and friends of the University.  His goal is to raise $1,000 for Nature Reach. If successful he will dance in the Oval as Gus. Please consider giving to Dr. Triplett's Nature Reach Challenge during Gorilla Giving Day.

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Matching gifts for College of Technology

Dr. Tim Dawsey, dean, has a challenge for current students, alumni and friends of the University. In 2018 the College of Technology graduated 415 students. Dr. Dawsey will match the first $415 donated to the College of Technology. Please consider giving to Dr. Dawsey's College of Technology Challenge during Gorilla Giving Day.

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Shave your goatee for Graphics & Imaging Technologies

Doug YoungerDr. Doug Younger, professor, has a challenge for current students, alumni and friends of the University. His goal is to raise $500 for the Graphics and Imaging Technologies department. If successful Dr. Younger will shave off his goatee which he has had since the '90s. Please consider giving to Dr. Younger's GIT Challenge during Gorilla Giving Day.

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Jump in the lake for Honors College

Dr. FuchsDr. Craig Fuchs, professor and director of Honors College, has a challenge for current students, alumni and friends of the University. His goal is to raise $1,000 for the Honors College. If successful Dr. Fuchs will jump into the campus lake in appreciation for support. Please consider giving to Dr. Fuchs' Honor College Challenge during Gorilla Giving Day.

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Shave your head for Alumni Legacy Scholarship Challenge

Jon Bartlow, director of alumni & constituent relations, has a challenge for current students, alumni and friends of the University. His goal is to raise $1,999 for the Alumni Legacy Scholarship and to honor his graduation from Pittsburg State in 1999. If successful, he will shave his head! Please consider giving to Jon Bartlow’s Alumni Legacy Scholarship Challenge during Gorilla Giving Day.

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Erykah McClendon

Erykah McClendon

Erykah McClendon won’t graduate until May, but she already plans to give back to Pittsburg State. 

“The faculty and staff here are so amazingly supportive,” said McClendon, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology. “They’re giving me the tools I need to be successful in my personal and professional life.” 

“I plan to donate to Pitt State because I understand the importance of receiving scholarships and how that can change someone's life,” she added. 

Jan Allai

Jannette Allai

Jannette Allai, her husband, and her son all are Gorillas, and felt like they received so much from PSU, they made it a priority to give back and help future graduates achieve their dreams. 

“PSU is a vital part of our community, and we feel strongly about giving back,” she said. 

Allai earned her bachelor’s degree in education in 1969 and her master’s degree in 1977. As a student, she found PSU to be a special place. 

“It was a great atmosphere and the faculty were wonderful,” she said. “They helped me prepare for my chosen career by always being there to listen and guide me in the right direction for success, and there was a genuine concern for students.

Ryan Urban

Ryan Urban

Ryan Urban may have just graduated in May 2018, but he wasted no time in creating an award for the Advancement Ambassadors. 

He loved the freedom at PSU to explore new areas and learn new things. He also found a home on campus as an Advancement Ambassador. 

“The Division of Advancement, including the Alumni Center and Development staff, bent over backwards for me, time and time again,” said Urban, who earned his bachelor’s in Communication with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in graphic design. “Advancement Ambassadors are outstanding students with outstanding role models, and they’ve earned a donation or two!” 

Nick Dellasega

Nick Dellasega

Nick Dellasega believes the opportunities he was given as a student at Pittsburg State put him on the path to success. 

“I got to know so many great people,” he said. “The Kelce College of Business did a great job of preparing me for my career. The one thing I loved most is the approachability and friendliness of everyone on campus, from students to professors.” 

“And, being an athlete and a student helped me learn how to balance my time,” he said. “The ability to multi-task and manage my schedule paid d ividends when I entered my career.”  

After graduating in December 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he took a job in accounting and finance. 

Dellasega said he donates to this university so he can give students the opportunity to have the same great opportunities. 

Lindsay Young

Lindsay Young

Lindsay found Pittsburg State prepared her for her career in many ways. The Resident Assistant program taught her how to manage people and personalities. Student Government Association taught her about giving back and organizing events. Chairing The Big Event strengthened her leadership abilities. But she also learned a lot academically. 

“I promote PSU as often as possible,” said Young, who earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2005 and her master’s in 2009. “Pitt State has great programs at a reasonable cost, the class sizes are small, the facilities are nice, and the quality of the education is top notch.” 
She now donates time to PSU through alumni events and enjoys giving back.

Perhaps her favorite thing about being a Gorilla: “I met my husband at PSU! We enjoyed football games, campus activities, and have been happily married now for over 12 years!”