Why Give

With many charitable organizations asking you to support their worthwhile causes, it's fair for you to ask the question: Why should I give to Pitt State? Here are several reasons.


To Advance Pitt State's Mission

First and foremost, we hope you give because you believe in Pitt State's educational mission and you're committed to advancing that mission. Also, because you understand the value of a Pitt State education for providing students the knowledge and experience they need to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment.

To Create a Margin of Excellence

As a state University, Pitt State receives public support through the Kansas legislative process. But state funding is less than 50 percent of our overall operating budget, and we look to private support to help make up the difference. Your contributions sustain the quality of our academic programs, make it possible for us to provide first-rate facilities and resources, and provide scholarship support that helps us keep a Pitt State education within financial reach of students from a wide range of backgrounds.

To Make a Difference

Most people have competing demands on their charitable dollars, and make trade-offs as they decide how to spend those dollars to support the causes that interest them. Education or health care? Poverty or the environment?

Giving to Pitt State is a way of checking "all of the above" on your list of good causes. Our grads go on to positions of leadership as teachers, physicians, and nurses. They develop technologies that make life greener, safer, and more productive. They are also engaged in many other ways-in their careers and their personal lives-that make a difference in the world.

To Create a Legacy

When you give to Pitt State you become part of a tradition of support that goes back nearly a century, to the time when the people of Pittsburg stepped up and raised $150,000 to rebuild fire-damaged Russ Hall. It's a legacy that has sustained us throughout our history, and with your help, it will continue into the future.

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