We are happy to announce that Pittsburg State University will be partnering with the PSU Barnes and Noble Bookstore, located in the Overman Student Center to assist in providing select students with vouchers for books and limited supplies. To qualify for this voucher, you must be expecting a refund in excess of your tuition and fees for the semester. You will be notified of qualification during the Verification of Enrollment Process.

  If you are eligible to opt in:

  • You have the advantage to purchase your books (new or used) or rental books early.
  • The funds available at the time you “Verify your Enrollment for disbursement of funds” will be the amount used to calculate your voucher amount.
  • There will be an amount of eligibility listed, if you qualify for this voucher, which is applicable to books & limited supplies at the PSU Bookstore. The calculation takes into consideration a minimum allowable of $25 and a maximum allowable of $500, prior to notification of the waiver. It is a static amount, and CAN NOT be changed during the opt-in process.  If you choose NOT to use all funds available to you, any unused funds will be re-applied to your PSU Student Account during the 2nd week of the semester. Any pending charges (including Housing) will be taken into consideration prior to any potential refund being direct deposited.
  • The Bookstore Voucher should be available within approximately 24 hours after you verify your enrollment.
  • If a student lives on campus, any remaining credit will apply to the University Housing balance.
  • Any unused portion of the Bookstore Voucher will be refunded to the student the 2ND week of class.
  • Once you have opted in, you cannot opt out. At this point, you can choose not to go to the Bookstore to purchase your books, using this credit, and if you have a refund coming after Housing costs are added back in, will receive any refund during the 2nd week of class.


     If you choose not to opt in or are not eligible:

  • There will be no change to the way your refund is credited to your student account, using the direct deposit process, during the regularly scheduled disbursement process.

     This could benefit you in one of two ways:

  • o Resident Hall Students:  Your financial aid is usually applied to university charges for tuition and fees, room and board BEFORE you receive a refund in your bank account.  Usually this leaves no balance that could be used for books.  Opting in to this voucher process will allow up to $500 in book money to be used, before housing charges are applied to your student account.  You can opt in to a payment plan to meet your remaining housing obligation through the Housing Office.
  • o Students living off campus:  Opting in to this program gives you the opportunity to buy books the day after you verify your enrollment (this process) or as soon as the Bookstore opens for business after the holidays, whichever comes first.  You’ll have a better chance to get good used books and may even want to read ahead!  Your other option is to wait until aid is direct deposited to your bank account or a check mailed to your address on file or as soon as you have become eligible to go through this process, whichever is earlier.

   You also have the option to say “No, I don’t want to accept this voucher, at this time.  I prefer for my refund to be provided to me by direct deposit or mailed check, during the regularly scheduled disbursement process”.  If you realize later that you would like to opt in to the process, you can go back into the Verification of Enrollment site and choose the “opt in” button instead

   Because each student at PSU can expect a different amount of refund that is personalized for their schedule, each person may qualify for differing amounts in voucher eligibility.  Any eligibility that is below the minimum allowable ($25) will not be made available to students when they go through this process.  Also, this voucher will never exceed $500, so if you think your current refund will exceed the maximum amount of this voucher ($500), you may expect a secondary refund during the regular disbursement cycle. 

  Please note…if you are expecting to be receiving a $300 refund above the amount of your tuition and fees, but your voucher is approved for only $100, your account may not be showing all available funds credited yet.  If you have concerns about the amount of your refund, please contact the Cashiers Office to see which funds are credited at that time.