PSU eProxy Access allows PSU students to grant access to their Student Information Account. Each PSU student determines who will have eProxy Access and what Access Groups will be on each account that is granted. To start the eProxy Access process, follow these steps:

Student Instructions:

1. From the PSU Home Page, click on "Login", then "GUS Login".

2. Log into GUS using your GUS Login ID and GUSPIN/Password. You must be admitted to PSU before you are assigned a GUS Login ID and GUSPIN. If you need help with your GUSPIN, contact the Gorilla Geeks.

3. Once you are logged into GUS, click on "Authorize Release of University Records (eProxy)" on the left side of the page.

4. Next select "Add/Edit/Revoke Access". A box will appear on the next page with the message "No records found. Click Add to begin." Click "Add".

5. A "Manage Access" box will appear. On Page 1, select the records that you want to grant access and select "Next".

6. In the same "Manage Access" box, on page 2, enter the information for the person you wish to grant access. The "Keyword" box is very important. You will give your designee the keyword so he/she can set up their access to your information. You should make it something easy to remember because there is no way to retrieve it once you have completed the access process. When finished entering the required information, click "Done".

7. You should now be back to the original eProxy page. The person should now be listed with the Access Groups that you have granted access. Click on "Finalize" at the bottom of the page. The final screen appears with the message "Authorize Release of University Records (eProxy). Your changes have been officially saved". Click "OK".

Designee Instructions:

The designee (the person access is being granted to) must have GUS access (details below) and an email account.

1. Log into your email account. A message should appear with the subject "Pittsburg State University eProxy Access". Open the message.

2. Click on the link in the message to setup your eProxy Access.

3. This will take you to a page where you will either click on "Login to GUS Account", "Help with GUS Account", or "Create a GUS Account". Click on the one that applies to you.

4. After logging into GUS, you will be prompted for the keyword that the student has set up for you. The keyword is case sensitive, so be sure to type it exactly as it was setup. Click on "Continue".

5. The eProxy Authentication page should appear letting you know that you have successfully gained access to the student's records. Click "OK".

6. The next page that appears will be the eProxy Access page. Click on "View Records" and you will be able to view the records that you have been granted access. When you are finished, be sure to select "Quit GUS" at the top of the page.

7. To log in the next time, go to the PSU Home Page, click on "Login" then "GUS Login". Use your GUS Login ID and GUSPIN to log in. The "View Records" selection should be listed on the left of the screen.

If you have any questions about eProxy, you can view the eProxy Access Usage for more details.