Pittsburg State University Testing Center
301 East Lindburg, 206B Whitesitt Hall
Director: Dr. Gwen Murdock

 The University Testing Center serves the PSU community by providing a place where people may take exams for purposes other than fulfilling PSU course requirements.  These include international standardized tests (ACT, TOEFL, GRE, MCAT, etc.) as well as tests for other universities.  The University Testing Center is bound by the policies of the test provider and cannot make exceptions to test provider policies.

Testing Center Information
  • Directions
  • Parking
  • Hours
  • FAQs
  • Scheduling & Payments
  • Tests Offered
  • Proctoring Services
  • Saturday Testing
  • From Broadway turn East onto Ford Street (before the University).
  • Continue East to first stop sign on Joplin Street and turn left (North).
  • Continue North to stop sign on Lindburg Street (Stadium will be on the right).
  • Turn left (West) on Lindburg Street and Whitesitt Hall is the 3rd building on the right.  The building is very large and is clearly labeled.
Testing candidates can park anywhere that is labeled BLUE, BROWN, or ORANGE parking. Please give license plate number to staff so that we can inform campus police of where vehicle is parked so as to not get a ticket.
Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Do you give the "_____" test?
    • If it is a Prometric or Pearson Vue exam, or listed on the "other exams" list, we most likely offer that exam.
  • When can I take this test?
    • Prometric exams are available Mondays through Fridays, though the spots fill up quickly.  Registration is done online.
    • Pearson Vue exams are available on Thursdays and Fridays.  Registration and payment is completed online.
  • Can I come and take the "_____" today?
  • If the weather is bad, will the University Testing Center be closed?
    • The decision to close the University Testing Center will be made by NOON the previous day.  The best available information, at that time, from the National Weather Service for the next day's forecast for the Pittsburg area will inform the decision.  The decision is UNrelated to any PSU campus or Rave Alert announcement.  If the Center is closed, Prometric will contact you, as soon as possible, about the Center's closing and rescheduling the exam.
  • "I'm not able to come in to take my test, how do I reschedule and will get my money back?"
    • Candidates will reschedule their exam the same way they originally scheduled the exam.  Reimbursement is NOT promised, and is NOT the responsibility of the University Testing Center.
  • Scheduling AND payment for ALL Prometric/Pearson Vue exams are done ONLINE. We do not schedule or take payment for any of these exams. Refer to testing company’s website for registration and payment.
  • Prometric:  www.prometric.com
  • Pearson Vue:  www.pearsonvue.com
        • DSST
          $90 total- $80 will be paid with credit card to DSST, $10 proctoring fee paid with cash/check to PSU.
          Available Wednesdays Only.
        • CLEP (www.clep.collegeboard.org)
          $95 total- $80 will be paid with credit card BEFORE candidate comes in to test, and $15 proctoring fee paid with cash/check to PSU.
          Available Wednesdays Only.
        • Miller’s Analogies Test
          • $67- Registration and payment are completed when candidate comes in to test.
            Available Wednesdays Only.
        • CASTLE exams (www.castleworldwide.com)
          • Registration and payment are done online before candidate comes in. Available on Mondays Only.
        • C-BASE
          • Registration and payment are done through the University Testing Center.
          • Registration begins 2-3 weeks before test date.
          • Cost:
            • Combined- $55
            • Math Only- $39
            • English (Reading/Writing)- $48
            • Payment is with cash/check to PSU.
        • R-ACT
          • Registration and payment are done through the University Testing Center.
          • Cost is $80.  Payment is with cash/check to PSU.
          • Available on Tuesdays ONLY.
        • Major Fields Test-Biology
          • Registration is done through the University Testing Center.
          • Student does not pay for this exam.
          • Offered twice during each semester.
  • The University Testing Center will proctor exams for students as facilities allow. This can include students taking online courses or courses through other universities. We cannot accommodate entire classes at once.
    • Fee for proctoring exam effective August 1, 2017:
      • $25 for time of 2 hours or less, $35 for more than 2 hours for PSU Students (must show valid PSU ID),
      • $30 for time of 2 hours or less, $40 for more than 2 hours for all Non-PSU Students.
    • Cash or check payable to PSU.

Saturday Test Dates - Fall 2018

  • December 1 - SAT & TOEFL
  • December 8 - ACT

Saturday Test Dates - Spring 2019

  • January 12th- TOEFL 
  • February 2nd- TOEFL
  • February 16th- ACT
  • February 23rd- CBASE & MFT
  • March 2nd- MFT & TOEFL
  • March 16th- SAT
  • April 6th- TOEFL
  • April 20th- ACT
  • May 4th- SAT
  • May 18th - TOEFL
  • May 25th - TOEFL

Saturday Test Dates - Summer 2019

  • June 8th- ACT
  • June 15th - TOEFL
  • June 22nd - TOEFL
  • June 29th - CBASE