Pittsburg State University International Partner 

Seoul National University of Science & Technology 

2+2 Dual Degree Program

The 2+2 dual degree program is a collaborative effort between Seoul National University of Science & Technology and Pittsburg State University. It is designed and developed for the current SeoulTech students who have finished at least the first 3 semesters of the Global Technology Management programs. Participants will spend a minimum of 2 years (or 4 semesters) at Pitt State to complete the required classes. After returning to SeoulTech, students will need to complete the rest of the program requirements, including the final semester capstone course. Upon completion of all the required courses, the students will be given their degree certificates from both Pitt State and SeoulTech.

Seoul Tech students who finish their four semesters can apply for any major in Kelce College of Business as follows.

  • Accounting

  • Business Economics

  • Computer Information Systems

  • Finance

  • International Business

  • Management

  • Marketing

The Kelce College of Business at Pittsburg State is among the nation's leading business schools for quality, high standards, and value. With a mission of offering a well-rounded, world-class education that engages students and prepares them for a future in the business world, the Kelce College of Business stands out as one of the premier business colleges in the USA.

Virtual Global Management Summer Camp

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Since 2018, Pitt State and SeoulTech have joined forces to host an excellent partnership through the Global Management Summer Camp and faculty exchange. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic this year, students will not be able to travel to the U.S. for this program. Instead, Pitt State will host an online virtual summer camp designed and dedicated specifically for SeoulTech students. Participants will experience cultural exploration, academic advancement, English improvement, networking opportunities, and much more. 

Dates: TBD

Cost: TBD

Program Schedule: TBD

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What to expect at Pitt State

The main campus of Pittsburg State University is in many ways a community in and of itself. Along with our gorgeous, historic academic buildings, our campus also boasts some of the nation’s premier facilities for athletics, recreation, fitness, and the arts. The recently-expanded Overman Student Center also provides a variety of dining and shopping options for students and the community.

Pittsburg State University is located on the southern edge of Pittsburg, Kansas – a thriving, innovative community of makers, dreamers, and people who just get things done.

The university’s main campus is located just minutes from Downtown Pittsburg, where students can enjoy various dining, shopping, and recreational activities. As a community of approximately 20,000 people, Pittsburg offers many of the popular big-city amenities, but with the charm and pace of a small town.

Pittsburg’s prime geographic location also provides easy access to many fun weekend trips, such as Kansas City and Northwest Arkansas.