History of Block22
Preserving the historical value of Pittsburg, Kansas.

Located at 4th and Broadway, Block22 is made up of four historic buildings at the heart of the community.

The historic properties included in Block22 are the Commerce, Baxter, National Bank, and Opera House Hotel buildings.

The name “Block22” ties into the city’s rich heritage of entrepreneurs and business pioneers. The city’s forefathers originally platted Pittsburg into 51 blocks. The oldest building included in the Block22 project, the Opera House Hotel, was located in Block 22 of the original map. Hence, the moniker Block22. 

Block22 is a unique, mix-use, living-learning community in Downtown Pittsburg that features:

  • Residential housing
  • Commercial spaces
  • Dining/Entertainment facilities

It combines nearly 100 units of Pittsburg State student housing with more than 16,000 square feet of innovation space for students to explore their own entrepreneurial ventures, while also contributing to the success of local entrepreneurs.

Block22 is funded through a public-private partnership between Pittsburg State University, the City of Pittsburg and the Vecino Group, a development/housing specialist based in Springfield, Mo.

The City of Pittsburg has committed $1.5 million in funding from its Revolving Loan Fund, Pittsburg State University has committed $1 million in fundraising, and the Vecino Group has secured $10.05 million in tax credits. The remaining balance of $5.4 million will be in the form of a loan assumed by the Vecino Group and will be paid through a long-term lease agreement with Pittsburg State University.