• The Origin
  • The Challenge
  • The Scoring Categories
  • The Tradition
  • The Team
  • The Sponsors
The Baja Competition began in 1976. Since then it has evolved into a premier international design event for University Students enrolled in the Engineering and Automotive Technology Programs worldwide.  Pittsburg State has been competing in SAE Baja since 1991. The school’s twenty-one years of experience has allowed the team’s facilities to grow along with the universities reputation.
The challenge for the Baja teams is to design a prototype vehicle with potential for mass-produced and marketed to consumers. The teams must meet the design and performance requirements in order to participate.
SAE Competitions score cars in three different categories: static judging, dynamic events, and a four-hour endurance race. In order to score well in the static events, students are required to complete a design report as well as a cost analysis. When arriving at competition, teams are subjected to the final static event, in which industry professionals conduct a final visual analysis of categories such as craftsmanship, originality, and serviceability.

The second category comprises a series of dynamic events that include a climbing/suspension, and a maneuverability course. The combined dynamic and static events scores determine the starting positions for the final endurance race category. The endurance race is run on a motocross style course designed to test the durability of the cars.
As a Pitt State tradition, we will be designing and building two new completely different cars. We will improve flaws from previous years and tend to try new things. Throughout the project, students have the opportunity to present themselves in a professional manner as they prepare to enter business oriented society and industry. Through the program members develop soft skills, leadership, teamwork, time management and experience cultural diversity.
The team is comprised of and entirely run by students at Pittsburg State University. Trent Lindbloom, Nico Preloger and Chauncey Pennington, professors in Automotive Technology, advise the PSU Baja Team. As a team it is our goal to gain knowledge and experience beyond the typical information taught in the classroom. To do so, we will design, fabricate, and test an off-road vehicle to compete in an international collegiate design competition conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers.
Designing and building a competitive car requires both time and quality components. The design and construction of the Pittsburg State Baja Car is performed by students completely in-house. Team members contribute over 3000 man-hours to this project that provides an immeasurable amount of experience and helps prepare them for the work force.

However, none of this would be possible without donations from companies and individuals to help with the cost of materials, special tooling and equipment. We are hoping you will consider supporting our team at one of the levels listed.
  • Platinum Level $1000+
  • Gold Level $500+
  • Crimson Level $250+
  • Gorilla Level $100+
  • Cub Level up-to-$100
Donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Tax forms will be provided by the PSU Alumni office and sent to donor. Donations can be sent to Trent Lindbloom with the attachment provided or the student name in the memo of the check. If you have additional questions please contact Trent Lindbloom (620) 235-4198.

2019-2020 Platinum Level $1000+

The Walsh Group

Kiewit Construction

Gold Level $500+
Company name and/or logo on the car in 2 inch lettering, on the PSU Baja website with a link to company website, and on all printed items.

2019-2020 Gold Level Sponsors

Cody Hastings
Case Family
Ward Family
Gabel Family
Ozark Prairie
Bill & Melissa Heath

Polaris Industries

Crimson Level $250+
Company name and/or logo on car in 1 inch lettering, on the PSU Baja website and a link to company website.

2019-2020 Crimson Level Sponsors

Josh Hoffman


Viega LLC

Shelly's Catering

Gorilla Level-$100+
Company name and/or logo on the PSU Baja website and a link to company website.

2019-20 Gorilla Level Sponsors

Extreme Terrain
Elder Family
Durland Auto Parts
Danika Flax
Wiseman's Discount Tire
The Pitt Inc
Watco Companies
NAPA Auto Parts - Pittsburg Automotive Supply Inc

Cub Level Up-to-$100
Company name on the PSU Baja website.

2019-20 Cub Level Sponsors

Pennington Family
Bitner Motors
Centennial Retail Liquor
Rodney Klinkefus
Darrow Automotive
Nathaniel Edwards
Randy's Auto Repair