Research, Grants and Innovation

sim hospital


A groundbreaking ceremony for a building that will help usher in a new era of nursing education was held Thursday at Pittsburg State University.  
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Media Production Students


Media production students from Pittsburg State University have been honored with nine Kansas Association of Broadcaster’s Awards in various categories during this year’s state competition.  
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Computer Science


As demand grows for developers, new degree and local partnership provide pipeline.  
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Scientists, farmers, and county extension agents from across the region will gather in Southeast Kansas for three days in February to uncover the details of every challenge, large and small, that producers face from sunup to sundown.  
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Tiger Mural


The mural movement in Pittsburg continues with the latest one to be completed on a business: a 12-foot by 29-foot tigress created by Pittsburg State students that has drawn a great deal of attention on social media and in traditional media. 
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plastics solution


Improvements brought to our world by plastics have also brought a few challenges, like how to more sustainably create them and how to more efficiently recycle them. To that end, a team of researchers in the Kansas Polymer Research Center at Pittsburg State University are joining forces with the University of Delaware and KU.  Full story




Worsley brothers


Paul Worsley is a biology pre-med major and the lead researcher for a project that seeks to find a better way to deliver cancer fighting drugs. And his twin brothers Adam and Caleb, a biochemistry major and a cellular and molecular biology major, are part of his team.  
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soybean field


A $1.4 million federal grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology will help the Kansas Polymer Research Center at Pittsburg State University develop and promote new polymeric materials and plastics processing capabilities — all with an eye toward creating new jobs in the region.  
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soy-based golf ball


Missouri’s soybean farmers are seeing new opportunities on the greens with their investment into the future of a soy-based golf ball — a ball that is getting its start at the Kansas Polymer Research Center at Pittsburg State University, where students in the Polymer Chemistry Initiative learn alongside scientists.  
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 Clean energy


Isabella Earp came to Pittsburg State University two days each week to work along scientists. Their quest: to find clean and renewable energy sources that could have a dramatic impact on the world’s carbon emissions.  Full story




Communication Students


Students in the Department of Communication at Pittsburg State University have been working to develop the first “PSU Campus-Community Green Guide” with input from the Pittsburg business community and the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce.  Full story



scientist with battery


Scientists at the Kansas Polymer Research Center have invented a new kind of battery that is more eco-friendly. While that’s good news, equally good news is that they invented it by transforming a product that is plentiful in the heartland: soy. Or rather, crop residue after soybeans have been harvested.  
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