Dr. Ralf J. Thomas Distinguished Service Award

The Pittsburg State University Alumni Association established the Distinguished Service Award in 1991 and presented the first award later that year. In July 2000, it was re-named the Dr. Ralf J. Thomas Distinguished Service Award in memory of retired faculty member, Dr. Thomas. He volunteered his service to the PSU Alumni Association for 22 years and was the first recipient of the award in 1991. These Distinguished Service Award recipients have generously given their time and talent for the betterment of the University and are an inspiration to all of us who love this University.

Candidates for this award should have rendered significant volunteer service to Pittsburg State University. The candidate's record of volunteer service to PSU may include (but is not limited to): PSU Alumni Association, PSU Foundation, PSU Athletics, academic departments, student service programs, etc. Completed nominations received before December 1st will be considered for the next presentation at Commemoration/Apple Day.

Dr. Ralf J. Thomas Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form (PDF)

Dr. Ralf J. Thomas Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form (Word Document)

Kevin Griner 2022 Disnguished Service Award Recipient

2022 Recipient: Kevin Griner (BSET '88)

Dr. Ralf J. Thomas Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Albright, Cathy M. (2013)
Allai, Jan (2015)
Allai, Wayne P. (1993)

Baird, C. Ray (2007)
Beal, Tom (2008)
Bennett, Jr., Roy S. (1999)
Bicknell, O. Gene (1997)
Bishop, Jim (2009)
Brock,  Ken & Debbie (2008)
Brown, Al E. (2017)

Chitty, Richard L. (2007)
Cole, Homer G. (2017)
Cooper, Richard E. "Dick"; posthumously (2001)
Crossland, Jr., Ivan (2009)

Dean, Dr. Harvey R. (2004)
Dennis, Dale M. (2011)
Dunnick, Frank D. (1999)

Esch, Pete & Shirley (2015)

Foxx, Mattye Shaw (2007)

Garner, Dr. Mindi (2018)
Griner, Kevin (2022)


Hart, Joe (2019)
Henry, Sara (2021)
Hess, Harlan L. (2010)
Holman, Peter J. (2001)
Holsinger, Donald M. (2012)

Johnson, Dorothy G. (1995)K
Kobel, Robert D. (2010)
Kriegsman, Dr. Helen F. (1993)

Lawellin, Duane D. (1999)

McNally, Edward T.; posthumously (2000)
McNally, Edythe Claire Williams (2000)
McNay, Roberta A. (2005)
Menghini, Jr., A.J. (2000)
Murnan, Monica Hartong (2016)

Naccarato, Frank (2018)

Overman, Jack H. (2006)

Palmer, Shirley J. (2016)
Perez, Tony (2020)
Peterson, Dr. Richard (2018)

Robb, Steve & Mary Beth (2014)
Rua, August; posthumously (2006)
Rua, Helen (2006)

Sandness, Kathleen McAlpin (2011)
Smith, Don (2012)
Sperry, Dr. Theodore M. (1994)
Sutherland, Guy E. (1996)

Thomas, Dr. Ralf J. (1991)
Thomison, Charles, R. (2003)

Webb, Kaye Lynne (2005)
Weis, Larry (2020)
Whetzel, Alan G. (2013)
Whetzel, Roberta Harlow (2013)
Wilkinson, Lynda S. (2004)
Wilkinson, Wendell L. (2004)
Williams, Dr. Elmer W. (1994)
Williamson, Barry (2014)
Wilson, Donald R. (2003)

Zugmier, George A. (2002)