Whether you're taking 10 hours or 20 hours, you pay the same rate.

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The affordability you need. The flexibility you want. Our Flat-Rate Tuition program allows full-time undergraduate students (enrolled in at least 10 credit hours) and graduate students (enrolled in 9 or more credit hours) to pay single tuition rate regardless of the amount of total credits taken. Want to explore a topic outside of your major or take additional courses to help accelerate your graduation date? Thanks to our Flat-Rate you can do so without paying additional tuition. Whether you're taking 10 hours or 20 hours, you pay the same rate.

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Take an Extra Class

With Flat-Rate Tuition, you can earn extra credit hours without paying extra. And when cost is no longer a barrier, the entire university opens up to you. Explore new areas within your major, pick up an extra minor, or take a course just because it sounds interesting. The choice is yours!

Earn a Double Major

Majors matter: to you and to your future employer. Want to move your minor to a second major? With Flat-Rate Tuition, you can. It takes careful planning, and commitment to academics, but by taking additional courses each semester you can earn a double major without additional tuition expense. 

Graduate Early

It’s amazing what can happen when you don’t pay by the credit hour. With Flat-Rate Tuition, you can graduate a semester or, in some cases, up to a year early. It’s not easy, but the opportunity is there for those who are want to take it. With Pittsburg State’s Flat-Rate Tuition, you really do “Learn More and Spend Less.”  


Flat Rate Tuition FAQ's

  • What is Flat-Rate Tuition?
  • How do I get the most out of Flat-rate Tuition?
  • How many hours must a student be enrolled in before they are considered full-time?
  • Is Flat-Rate Tuition offered during all semesters?
  • Is the cost the same for all students?
  • Does Flat-Rate Tuition also include student fees?
  • How many student fees are there and what do they cost?
  • What benefits do students receive from the Campus Privilege Fee?
  • How much does a credit hour cost for non-full time students

Pittsburg State University’s Flat-Rate Tuition allows full-time students to enroll in additional credit hours without paying additional tuition.

To get the most out of flat-rate tuition, we recommend you enroll in and complete at least 15 credit hours for Spring and Fall semesters. This will, at the same time, set a good pace to graduate in four years.

Undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least 12 hours. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 9 credit hours.

The Flat-Rate Tuition program is available during the Spring and Fall semesters only. Summer sessions are not included in the Flat-Rate Tuition program.

Flat-Rate Tuition costs are based upon a student’s residency status and whether they are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. Pittsburg State’s tuition rates are categorized in the following manner: (1) In-State/Gorilla Advantage, (2) Gorilla Edge/Pitt State Legacy/Midwest Student Exchange, (3) Out-of-State, International, (4) DNP, (5) Professional MBA. (Learn More)

Campus Privilege Fees are included within the Flat-Rate tuition rate program but some classes may have an additional fee.

Typically, just one: the Campus Privilege Fee. Full-Time Students pay a campus-privilege fee of $1,014 while part-time students pay at an hourly rate of $95 . Select classes may have additional fees assessed based upon the topic and materials used.

Students enrolled in on-line, hybrid or interactive distance learning courses pay an Electronic-Access of fee of $0 per credit hour.

College of Technology students pay an additional per credit hour fee of $24 for each credit hour with a cap of $240 per semester.

This fee provides each student with their Parking Pass, access to the Bryant Student Health Center, the Student Recreation Center, tickets to all Athletic Games, tickets to activities/performances within the Overman Student Center, and free or reduced pricing for event tickets at the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts.

It varies based upon a student’s categorization

Undergraduate students pay: (1) In-state/Gorilla Advantage - $299.00 , (2) Gorilla Edge/Legacy/Midwest Student Exchange - $401.00 , (3) Out-of-State/International - $677.00 .

Graduate students pay: (1) In-state/Gorilla Advantage - $393.00 , (2) Gorilla Edge/Legacy/Midwest Student Exchange - $542.00 , (3) Out-of-State/International - $845.00