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Achieve as You Go: Increasing Value in Your Investment

Starting in 2023, Pitt State will be the first university in the state of Kansas to automatically award Associate of Arts degrees as students earn them. The University's objective is to foster an achievement culture that motivates students to persist to graduation and protects their investment.

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Get what you earned (you earned it).

By earning an Associate's degree upon completing the necessary 60 credit hours, students receive a valuable credential that enhances their employment prospects and earning potential.

Pitt State believes that this approach will encourage students to continue their education and obtain a Bachelor's degree, serve as a recognized credential if their life plans change, and inspire students to return to Pitt State after a temporary break from their studies.

Public University Facts


of students do not complete their degree in 6 years.


of students stop out their first year of college.


Pitt State students who have stopped out qualify for an Associate's in the past 4 years.


average owed in student loan debt by those who stop out.

Benefits to Automatically Awarding an Associate of Arts Degree.

Increased Completion Rate

A student's chances of graduating from Pitt State with at least one degree/credential will significantly improve. At a minimum, students earn an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies after approximately two years, and sooner if they arrive with college credit earned during high school.

Stackable Achievements

The University's objective is to foster a culture that values student achievements and experiences while prioritizing their success. By automatically granting Associate of Arts degrees, Pitt State aims to inspire students to persevere in their education and provide them with a sense of accomplishment.

Enhanced Career Prospects

This system benefits students who need to pause their education for personal reasons. The decision to award Associate of Arts degrees intends to safeguard students' investment of time and resources. Even if students do not return to complete their Bachelor's degree, they will still be acknowledged for their achievements.

Higher Persistence Rate

The move has garnered support from the National Institute of Student Success as a strategy to improve student persistence, addressing the retention challenges faced by many universities nationwide.

Positively Impact the Employment Landscape

Pitt State's achievement culture is seen as a game-changer, as it will lead to more graduates and an increase in earned credentials in the state. By advancing educational and workforce outcomes, Pitt State aims to have a positive impact on state and regional economic growth.

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Two Degrees for the Price of One

The Associate of Arts degree is not an additional cost but is awarded as part of the path to a Bachelor's. Flat-rate tuition, resident tuition rates in 32 states, and increased need-based scholarships make Pitt State an affordable choice with added value along the path to graduation.

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Retroactively Earn Your Associate's Degree

Former students who left before completing their degrees, we have great news for you! If you have completed 60 or more credits at Pitt State, you may be eligible for an Associate's degree. These degrees will be retroactively awarded in the coming year.

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