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Pittsburg State University’s Honors College program exists to create a community for high-achieving students throughout their years of undergraduate studies. Students who apply to and are accepted into the Honors College are given benefits such as priority enrollment, access to elevated honors courses, and one of three different scholarship amounts that renew annually for four years. Every student accepted into the Honors College also becomes a part of the Honors College Association (HCA), which is an organization led by a team of honors students dedicated to vertically uniting members from all class levels. The HCA hosts a number of social events for its members throughout the year around holidays and special occasions. The HCA is also in charge of organizing multiple different community service events in which honors students are encouraged to participate. From the continuous involvement in the Pittsburg community to the numerous academic benefits, the Honors College is a perfect fit for any determined high-level student looking to make the most of their undergraduate years.

PSU has a two-level application process based on a combination of the ACT and GPA.  For First Consideration, students must have a 28 or higher ACT superscore and a minimum 3.5 unweighted GPA.  There is also a secondary review level for students with a 27 ACT superscore and a minimum 3.5 unweighted GPA.

Leadership, involvement, and community service are also taken into consideration.

Since we only take 30 students a year, the membership maximum is 120 per year. This is something that is very unique about the PSU program.  With cohorts of only 30, the students create a very strong bond and positive relationships within their cohort.  Additionally, we work hard and making sure the four cohorts interact and get to know each other through our Peer Mentor Program, our monthly business meetings, and our monthly events.  The support system that is in place in the program is extremely important and the value cannot be underestimated. This is one of the very best aspects of the PSU Honors College.

There is no typical Honors College student.  Our members come from all majors across campus, from in-state and out-of-state, and sometimes even from international settings.  We have student-athletes, musicians, artists, researchers, video gamers, and actors.  The one thing our students do have in common is the desire to achieve academically and to enhance their collegiate experience through our program and by becoming involved in the overall campus community.

In order to graduate as a member of the Honors College, all students must complete 21 Honors Credits during their time in the program and these can be accomplished through a variety of ways.  Please refer to this link which will take you to the Honors College website for more information regarding the academic requirements for the program.

 Students must maintain a cumulative GPA as follows: freshman 3.2, sophomores 3.4, and juniors/seniors 3.5.

Students often think that an Honors College experience in college is similar to an AP environment in their high school setting.  This is a common misperception. Students have the option to enroll in special honors sections of general education classes, the classes are not harder, just different.  Faculty are asked to teach the class in a very interactive, discussion-based format.  Taking notes and tests are not the norm in these classes.  Most classes do not even have exams, but are structured with group projects, individual presentations, and active conversation and discussions within the classroom setting.  Honors classes are limited to 25 seats and only Honors College students are enrolled.  We utilize the very best professors on campus to teach the courses.

No.  Honors College students have majors in all four of our academic colleges and in fact are often the glue that brings programs together.  There is a great deal of interaction across colleges within our membership and Honors College students are very often also the leaders and officers within the various student clubs and organizations across campus.

Absolutely!! Employers, professional schools, and graduate programs all recognize the Honors College experience as something that better prepares undergraduate students for success beyond the Bachelors degree.  Our honors students have higher GPA’s, are more active and often serve in leadership positions in clubs and organizations, often participate in undergraduate research, internships, or Study Abroad experiences. Not only do you benefit academically, but you will make incredible connections while a member. You will meet some amazing people, make life-long friends, and garner more respect from your professors and peers The honors students have an enhanced collegiate academic experience that will clearly set them above their peers after graduation.

We have Living Learning Communities available for honors students who live in the dorms and wish to live in this environment with their Honors College peers.  We reserve one floor each on a male floor and female floor to house this population. We do our best to have the Resident Assistant (RA) on the floor also be a member of the Honors College if there is one available.  Living in this arrangement only serves to strengthen the friendships and strong bonds created within the cohort.

Yes. Since all students receive the $2,000 study abroad stipends, our students are strongly encouraged to participate in one of the many study abroad experiences offered at PSU. Whether that be a short-term faculty-led program, a summer program, or a full semester exchange program, about 80% of our Honors College students will participate in some program during their time at PSU.  The Honors College itself sponsors Study Abroad programs on a regular basis.

Please visit the Honors College website at and look over the information provided. Make sure you take the time to watch the video created regarding the application process. Once you are ready, click on the apply now button and start your application.  It is a savable application so you can work on it in stages if needed.  Applications are due on January 15th each year so make sure you are aware of that deadline!!

YES!!  All of the 30 students selected each year receive honors college scholarships at varying levels, depending on the outcome of the selection process.

The top 12 students selected are Presidential Scholars and they receive $9,500 a year for four consecutive years, and a one-time study abroad stipend of $2,000 for a total package of $40,000.

The next 12 students selected are University Scholars and they receive $4,500 a year for four consecutive years, and a one-time study abroad stipend of $2,000 for a total package of $20,000.

The next 6 students selected are Crimson and Gold Scholars and they receive $1,000 a year for four consecutive years, and a one-time study abroad stipend of $2,000 for a total package of $6,000.

We have a number of avenues for you to get your questions answered!!  You can email, you can contact the Director of the Honors College by calling 620-235-4176 or emailing, or you can text 620-230-8235 and we will put you in contact with a current member where you can ask a student your question

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