Wood Product Manufacturing

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A top wood processing program in the US!

Whether your interest is design, management, or fabrication PSU's Wood Product Manufacturing program will prepare you for the workforce.

Our curriculum is hands-on, leveraging state-of-the-art equipment. Coursework is production-based. It blends classroom theory with real-world products and processes. 

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Be recruited by leaders in the industry.

PSU has a strong network of industry leaders in Wood Product Manufacturing. Many of our students are recruited through paid summer internships. Build your network through trade shows and conventions, facility tours, and conferences.

Wood Product Manufacturing graduates find jobs in:

  • Area Supervision
  • Assembly
  • CNC Operation
  • CNC Programming
  • Design
  • Drafting
  • Engineering
  • Estimating
  • Finishing
  • GM/Ownership
  • Installation
  • Machine Operation
  • Plant Management
  • Project Management
  • Production Management
  • Sales
Our program has a 98-99% graduate placement rate. Wood Product Manufacturing graduates earn a starting salary between $42,000 and $45,000.

Additional information

  • Outcomes
  • Core Classes
  • Key Corporate Supporters and Recruiters
  1. Analyze characteristics and cell structure of wood samples to determine identification and properties
  2. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of safety and laboratory practices associated with all equipment in the AMMT laboratories.
  3. Recognize and fabricate joinery and assembly practices associated with architectural woodworking projects
  4. Develop 2D architectural submittal drawings using AutoCAD software
  5. Produce, evaluate and interpret G-code for CNC machinery
  6. Apply specialized technical knowledge to troubleshoot and provide routine maintenance to standard woodworking machinery
  7. Display comprehensive knowledge of theory, setup and execution of CNC and moulder operation
  8. Evaluate veneer panel species and matches
  9. Explore innovation to mass produce one product more efficiently
  10. Fabricate cabinetry types to given specification and applications
  11. Use computer software to design and manufacture more efficient and accurate
  12. Read and interpret architectural blueprints, developing a scope of interest
  13. Demonstrate understanding of the entire woodworking manufacturing process
182: Wood Science
185: Fundamentals Architectural Manufacturing
226: Computer – Aided Drafting
282: Machine Woodworking
286: Primary Wood Processing
301: Finishing
333: Tool Technology
383: Computer – Aided Manufacturing
399: Professional Development
412: Overlay and Laminate Materials
426: Mill and Case
454: CNC Applications for Wood Industry
511: Production Techniques
523: Computer Applications in Cabinetry
525: Cabinets and Fixtures
326: CAD II
585: Wood Production Estimation
691: Architectural Prod Design / Development
699: Architectural Manufacturing Senior Seminar
602: Manufacturing Facility Maintenance
692: Furniture Manufacturing
  • 1220 (TN)
  • Adams Group (FL)
  • 3M Abrasive & Adhesives
  • Advanced Fixtures Incorporated (AFI)
  • Advantage Architectural Woodworking (KS)
  • AWI Heart of America
  • Bearwood Concepts (OK)
  • Blake Clotia (KS)
  • BLUM
  • Cabinet Vision
  • Castle
  • Cohen Architectural Woodwork (MO)
  • CR Onsrud (NC)
  • Custom Wood Products (KS)
  • Dimensional Innovations (KS)
  • Denray
  • Dekker
  • Dodds
  • EGR (OK)
  • Franklin Adhesives
  • Festool
  • Gator Millworks (LA)
  • Gemini
  • Genesis Hospitality Corp (CO)
  • Glenn Reider (WI)
  • Goebel Fixture (MN)
  • Grandview / Woodmont Cabinetry (TX)
  • Great Lakes Tooling
  • High Country (CO)
  • Hollywood Woodwork (FL)
  • High Country (CO)
  • Hoffman
  • Hollywood Woodwork (FL)
  • idX (International)
  • Independent Stave Company (MO)
  • Indiana Architectural Plywood Inc. (IN)
  • JLT Clamps
  • Katalyst Group Inc. (KS)
  • Kerfkore
  • Kremlin
  • Leitz
  • LMT Onsrud
  • Laminate Works (KS)
  • M. Bohlke
  • MasterCAM
  • Master Wood Craft Cabinetry (TX)
  • Mikron
  • Mortensen Woodwork Inc. (GA)
  • MSW Inc. (MO)
  • Mikron
  • Parenti & Raffaelli (IL)
  • R.D. Henry & Company (KS)
  • RCS Millwork (TX)
  • Republic Elite (TX)
  • RSA Solutions
  • RT Machinery
  • Rulon International (FL)
  • SCM Group (GA)
  • Schmalz
  • Stiles
  • TigerStop
  • Timesavers
  • Twin Oaks Custom Cabinets (MO)
  • Veneer Services
  • Vortex Tooling
  • Weinig-Holzher
  • Wood Systems (OK)
  • WMIA

*(State) designation following company name denotes employment location

About Technology and Workforce Learning Department

The Department of Technology and Workforce Learning includes several undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Programs of study include two-year associate and certificate programs as well as several undergraduate degree programs in Workforce Development, Vocational Teacher Education, Technology and Engineering Education, and Wood Product Manufacturing.  Graduate programs in Career and Technical Education, Technology, and Human Resource Development are also available.  In addition, one post-graduate program in Workforce Development and Education (Ed.S) is also available.

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