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Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills as well as the knowledge and training necessary to succeed in today’s workforce. CTE encompasses a variety of skill areas. Whether you are a new graduate of high school and want to teach Technology and Engineering Education (Emphasis II) in a high school setting or you have work experience in a specific area and want to share your expertise with students at the secondary or post-secondary level in Technical Teacher Education (Emphasis I), Pittsburg State University has an option for you.

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  • Technical Teacher Education (Emphasis option)
  • Outcomes
  • Technology & Engineering Education (Emphasis option)
  • 100% online/virtual program
  • Work experience in a technical area
  • Geared towards individuals coming from industry
  • Meets state CTE certification requirements

More information about the Technical Teacher Education emphasis.

1. Apply technical knowledge and skills within their technical field of expertise by successful completion the appropriate NOCTI test or certification test for given technical field.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of the organization and management of safety and laboratory practices associated with teaching technical education.
3. Instruct students with special needs based on appropriate assessment.
4. Use proper instructional strategies and delivery systems.
5. Analysis a task for curriculum development purposes.
6. Develop, use, and evaluate instructional materials.
7. Select and develop students' assessments that are valid and reliable.
8. Apply proper classroom and laboratory management techniques when teaching.
9. Describe the history of career and technical education and factors influencing the future of it.
10. Develop and manage a work-based education program.
11. Evaluate a CTE program to determine its effectiveness.
12. Use different technology in an instructional setting.
13. Demonstrate competence in thinking skills–thinking creatively, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, and reasoning.
  • Face-to-face on campus program
  • Geared towards incoming Freshmen or Transfer students
  • Provides a professional semester for Student Teaching

More information about the Technology & Engineering Education emphasis.

About Technology and Workforce Learning Department

The Department of Technology and Workforce Learning includes several undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Programs of study include two-year associate and certificate programs as well as several undergraduate degree programs in Workforce Development, Vocational Teacher Education, Technology and Engineering Education, and Wood Product Manufacturing.  Graduate programs in Career and Technical Education, Technology, and Human Resource Development are also available.  In addition, one post-graduate program in Workforce Development and Education (Ed.S) is also available.

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