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The Interior Design program is part of the School of Construction housed within the College of Technology. The curriculum is based on professional practice in the field of Interior Design. The degree prepares students for professional practice as an interior designer in the fields of commercial and residential design, with opportunities in the construction and graphic design fields. 

The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree, implemented in 2016, emphasizes design as an integrative, multidisciplinary education that includes interior design, construction, and graphic design courses for a holistic approach to the interior design profession.  The interior design curriculum takes a creative, problem solving approach involving the application of materials and processes for creating environments, promoting sustainability and universal design standards, developing an understanding of global awareness and diversity, and improving the quality of life while protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

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Interior Design Labs and Equipment

Students in the Interior Design program have access to the School of Construction labs which include some of the best industry-supported software and equipment. The School of Construction provides access to a dedicated interior design lab as well as all construction labs. The Interior Design program seeks to prepare graduates to enter various avenues of a design-build network of professionals.


Students in the interior design program are required to complete a one paid internship prior to graduation. 

Student Outcomes

Outcome 1: Understand the fundamentals of construction, design theory and history, communication, and business.
Outcome 2: Demonstrate proficiency with use of relevant technologies for projects.
Outcome 3: Demonstrate the ability to evaluate, select, synthesize and apply information and research findings to design solutions using creative and critical thinking.
Outcome 4: Demonstrate proficiency in presentation skills and discussion of work in a professional manner with the ability to justify and defend solutions as they relate to natural, social, and economic issues.
Outcome 5: Demonstrate social responsibility by designing sustainable interior environments that support indoor environmental quality and improve the quality of life for occupants.

Student Organizations and Activities

Students have access to numerous student organizations such as the International Interior Design Association, Design Build Institute of America, National Association of Home Builders, and National Association of Women In Construction. Speakers and field trips accompany these organizations and provide networking and career opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are virtually unlimited with 100% placement for graduates seeking employment. School of Construction Expo is a yearly event in which Interior Design students meet with company representatives to discuss career opportunities and provide field insight. Starting salaries for graduates typically range from $40,000 to $55,000 per year.

About School of Construction

The PSU School of Construction's mission is to provide a quality construction education and develop professional leaders for the construction industry through extensive recruitment, real-world education and successful placement. We strive to improve the community through service, economic development and applied research.

Our vision is to be an innovative leader in an effective, people-centered, collaborative, accessible learning environment maximizing the potential of construction students, faculty and industry constituents.


School of Construction phone number is 620-235-6555.


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