Military Science

The military science program offers four levels of courses (MS1-MS4), students will enroll in one class each semester that will consist of classwork on Tuesdays and lab on Thursdays. MS1-MS2 are basic level courses that can be taken as an elective by freshmen and sophomores to get an idea of the program and their interest in the military. MS3-MS4 are the advanced courses taken by juniors and seniors that have contracted and are committed to a career as an officer.

MS1-MS2 Curriculum:

Cadets are introduced to core competencies that are critical for effective leadership. Skills such as critical thinking, time management, and resiliency will help cadets understand professional development and the dimensions of an officer. Comprehension and basic knowledge of the ROTC program and the Army profession are taught through studying leadership strategies, history, understanding Army rank, and structure as well as the importance of team building.

MS3-MS4 Curriculum:

Cadets are presented with challenging scenarios related to realistic operational environments. Tactical leadership abilities are developed and assessed through hands-on training in the field. Cadets will learn how to conduct military briefings and assume leadership responsibility within the ROTC ranks. Duties and responsibilities of training, mentoring, and evaluating underclassmen will test leadership capabilities. During the summer of junior year, cadets will attend advanced camp in Fort Knox where they will be assessed as a leader in the field.