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The Kelce College of Business offers a Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAcc) degree for current Kelce BBA accounting students interested in advanced studies in accounting. Only current Kelce College of Business accounting students will be considered for admission into the MPAcc program. The MPAcc program consists of 24 credit hours plus 9 credit hours transferring from the BBA degree and can typically be completed in two semesters. Kelce students may apply for admission to the MPAcc program after completion of specific BBA accounting coursework. The MPAcc program provides opportunities for advanced study in the areas of tax, financial analysis/strategy, and accounting information systems. The program provides a strong foundation for students desiring accounting certification (CPA) at an affordable advantage to other regional schools. If you are not a current Kelce College of Business accounting student, we encourage you to apply to the traditional MBA program with an accounting emphasis.

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Admission to the MPAcc is based on undergraduate GPA, specific coursework performance, and acceptance into the PSU graduate studies program. Only current Kelce College of Business accounting students will be considered for admission into the MPAcc program. Further information concerning the MPAcc program at Pittsburg State University may be obtained from:

Chelsey Decker, M.S.Ed.
Director of Graduate Business Programs

Dr. Bienvenido Cortes
Associate Dean for the Kelce Graduate School of Business, Research and Assessment

About Kelce College of Business

The Kelce College of Business offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The MBA is a professional program designed to prepare future business executives for the workforce. The Pitt State MBA degree has five emphases or concentrations: general administration, international business, accounting, marketing and human resources.

The MBA program consists of traditional face-to-face classes, online, and hybrid courses. The program consists of 30 credit hours (seven core courses and three electives). Each semester half of the core MBA courses are offered online and the other half traditional. In the following semester, the courses are switched, i.e., the traditional in-class courses will become online. Thus, there will be three delivery systems: a student may take all the core courses in-class, all online, or a mix.

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