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The Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics with an Emphasis in Solid State Physics features the core courses of a professional physics degree but includes specialized elective courses in solid state physics. This combination prepares students for advanced training in graduate school in either solid state or condensed matter physics.

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Students who seek degrees through our program have access to:

  • PSU Thin Film Laboratory – A research lab dedicated to the growth and analysis of thin film deposition.
  • PSU Nanophysics Laboratory – A research lab dedicated to the growth and analysis of graphene and nanomaterials.
  • Courses with specialized training in theoretical solid state physics, data collection, and computer modeling.

The Solid State Physics emphasis will assist students in matriculating to a graduate program in solid state or condensed matter physics, leading to an advanced degree. Students with advanced degrees can then go on to work for research facilities in private industry, government research labs, or universities.

About Physics Department

The Department of Physics at Pittsburg State University was founded in 1962 and has been dedicated to the outstanding teaching of undergraduate and graduate physics students ever since. Our faculty members are trained in a wide variety of physics-related fields and have industrial and research laboratory experience. We pride ourselves in getting to know our students and helping them through their years of academic growth at PSU.

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