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Our students in the English Program take pride in their ability to analyze literature and formulate academic writing from those analyses. This desire has culminated in the Literature and Culture emphasis at Pitt State. We believe that understanding literature not only gives students greater academic knowledge but also prepares them for a career in academia or academic writing.

Students in this emphasis spend their time working hand-in-hand with our staff to read and analyze literature, while also learning how to formulate powerful arguments that can be used for conferences and other academic pursuits. Some of the classes we offer include Writing About Literature, British Literature, and American Literature.

About English and Modern Languages Department

The Department of English and Modern Languages offers baccalaureate degrees and a master’s degree program. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs are offered in English and in Modern Languages. A master’s program is also offered in English. The department offers minors in English, English Teaching, Creative Writing, French, Professional Writing, and Spanish.

Summer and Fall 2023 Course Descriptions

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