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A major in Economics is designed for students who aspire for careers in bank management, business forecasting, labor relations, operations analysis, or who wish to pursue managerial positions in governmental and corporate organizations. The study of Economics requires a blend of analytical, evaluative and descriptive skills and can be very rewarding.  Business Economics Major Four-Year Plan (2022-23 Catalog)

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Our student-focused, internationally diverse and accomplished faculty offers hands-on learning where we emphasize one of our PSU core values of “by doing learn” throughout our program. Students majoring in Economics apply their knowledge by conducting research as part of their upper-level coursework and compete in PSU’s Undergraduate Research Colloquium. By developing a question to explore; designing a research plan to gather data, analyze that data, and reach conclusions; developing a written report to communicate the results, and presenting the results to faculty, our students move beyond the lecture environment to being able to extend their education to real-world situations. We also have a low student-to-faculty ratio allowing students to get extensive interaction with the faculty and become more than just a face in a classroom.

Another highlight of our Business Economics major and minor programs at PSU is how well they fit with other BBA degrees from the Kelce College of Business. Adding a minor or even another business major may mean adding only three or five more courses while opening a broader array of career opportunities. We encourage all of our Kelce students to explore double major and minor opportunities.

Program graduates are qualified for many roles, including:
  • bank management
  • business forecasting
  • labor relations
  • operations analysis
  • managerial positions in governmental and corporate organizations
  • and many more

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