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Multimedia journalism prepares students for careers in the news industry. Students take classes in news reporting, broadcast journalism, photojournalism, online journalism, and media law and get practical experience through on-campus media outlets. Students in this area learn to collect information through interviewing sources, interpreting and organizing information, and presenting it to the public. MMJ students also learn about the rights and responsibilities of journalists in a free and open society. They find careers in digital media, radio, television, cable, print, and online news, as well as PR and other media-related fields.

About Communication Department

The Department of Communication offers Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees within a collaborative and collegial environment. Our top-ranked faculty are highly active in their professions and emphasize the importance of fusing theory with applied skill. We have more than 250 majors across the six emphasis areas of communication education, human communication, media production, multimedia journalism, strategic communication, and theatre. The department stresses an integrated and active approach to learning. Please explore our website and let us know if you have any questions. 

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