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Polymers are the building blocks of materials that form our world, our civilization, and ourselves. Understanding the nature of polymers - their structure and properties - enables scientists to:

  • develop groundbreaking original materials
  • solve specific challenges
  • meet the needs of a rapidly evolving global society and economy

Change the world, one polymer at a time

Pittsburg State University's Department of Chemistry, together with its Plastics Engineering Technology program and the Kansas Polymer Research Center, offers undergraduate students one of the nation's most unique and quality polymer chemistry programs. One of only three undergraduate polymer chemistry programs in the nation, this program enables students the opportunity to enter the workforce as working polymer chemists in as little as four years.

The key to our program's success lies in its qualified faculty and small class size (average class size of 15), which ensures hands-on support and guidance. Our graduates enjoy a nearly 100% placement rate in groundbreaking careers or advanced degree programs.

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The Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Polymer Chemistry at Pittsburg State University is one of only three undergraduate programs in the United States. Our program is designed to create the next generation of scientists and engineers who:

  • are uniquely qualified for a variety of future careers
  • will change the way we live
  • solve some of the world's greatest challenges

You'll learn from qualified professors in small classes (average class size is 15) in order to ensure hands-on support and guidance on state-of-the-art equipment.

Upon graduation, you'll be well prepared to continue your studies in our graduate program or enter the workforce.

Our graduates are prepared for a variety of careers in industry, academia, and government. Polymer industries are among the largest employers in chemistry and materials science with high tech, high value jobs for science majors. Our graduates are qualified for a variety of jobs including:

  • Synthetic Polymer Chemist
  • Materials Engineer/Scientist
  • Polymer Technician
  • many more

The median salary for chemists with a bachelor's degree, according to the American Chemical Society, is $60,000. Students earning a graduate degree earn a salary of $75,000 or more.

About Chemistry Department

The Only American Chemical Society Approved Department within 90 Miles of Pittsburg, Kansas

One of only three undergraduate programs in Polymer Chemistry in the U.S.A.

Pittsburg State University's Department of Chemistry prepares students for careers in science, chemical engineering, pharmacy, chemistry teaching, pre-engineering, and other university programs that require rigorous training in chemistry. It offers eight Bachelor of Science Degrees, two Master of Science Degrees, and one minor. 

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