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Pharmaceutical chemistry is the branch of chemistry that combines pharmacology and organic chemistry. To prepare students for careers in pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry, the Department of Chemistry at Pittsburg State University offers a four-year Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Chemistry and Emphasis in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

To meet the requirements of this emphasis, a student studies at Pittsburg State University for the first two years, after which the remaining requirements for the baccalaureate degree are fulfilled upon satisfactory completion of another two years of an accredited pharmacy school curriculum.

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Studying pharmaceutical chemistry at Pittsburg State University gives students the opportunity to obtain a chemistry degree in addition to a pharmacy degree.

Upon graduation, our graduates will be qualified for a variety of positions across multiple areas of the pharmaceutical industry. Career opportunities vary and continue to grow as technology advances. Below is a list of positions and places where graduates are needed:

  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmaceutical scientist
  • Agriculture
  • Food

About Chemistry Department

The Only American Chemical Society Approved Department within 90 Miles of Pittsburg, Kansas

One of only three undergraduate programs in Polymer Chemistry in the U.S.A.

Pittsburg State University's Department of Chemistry prepares students for careers in science, chemical engineering, pharmacy, chemistry teaching, pre-engineering, and other university programs that require rigorous training in chemistry. It offers eight Bachelor of Science Degrees, two Master of Science Degrees, and one minor. 

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