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This is the perfect companion program for those who’ve successfully completed Caterpillar’s accredited Dealer Service Technician program better known as ThinkBIG. As the name states, Pittsburg State’s ThinkBIGGER program builds upon the Caterpillar program with additional education and training, allowing you to take your career to the next level.

In fact, ThinkBIG graduates (with a minimum 3.0 GPA) can automatically transfer up to 64 college credits to Pittsburg State University. In as little as two years, students in this program can earn a Bachelor of Applied Science (Diesel and Heavy Equipment emphasis) by completing the required 60 credit hours.

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The ThinkBIGGER program provides you with complete instruction in technology management, theory, logic, leadership and business skills to broaden your knowledge, better prepare you for managerial positions and make you a more valuable employee. Your coursework will an emphasis in service management, manufacturing management and diesel and heavy equipment.

You’ll also be able to access on-campus housing, as well as additional scholarship and internship opportunities.

This program is a specialized and comprehensive program for Caterpillar Service Technicians. Examples careers for ThinkBIGGER graduates include:

  • Service instructor
  • Technical communicator
  • Shop foreman
  • Service manager
  • Service writer
  • Equipment rental manager
  • Equipment maintenance engineer
  • Field service representative
  • Technician

About Automotive Technology Department

The Department of Automotive Technology, located within the Kansas Technology Center, is recognized by the industry as offering one of the best academic programs in the nation.


Through the Automotive Technology program at PSU, gain advanced diagnostic skills needed to service the complex vehicles of today. Learn more about our program through a  Virtual Automotive Department Tour.

With decades of experience teaching and working in the automotive industry, our faculty are world-renowned teachers and experts in their craft. 

Train on the newest tools and latest equipment found in the industry in 1 of our 7 specialized lab spaces: 

Automotive Technology - 2-Year Lab

Automotive Technology - Collision Lab

Automotive Technology - Diesel Lab

Automotive Technology - 4-Year Lab

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