Advanced Vehicle Systems

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Earn your degree in Automotive Technology with an emphasis in Advanced Vehicle Systems at Pittsburg State University.

Install, inspect, maintain, and repair all electrical parts of automotive vehicles. Students will learn how to work on automotive vehicles and heavy equipment.

Topics unique to the Advanced Vehicle Systems emphasis track include:

  • Prolog to Electronics 
  • Introductory Electronics
  • D.C. Circuit Analysis Methods
  • Fundamentals of Collision Technology
  • Introduction to Industrial Automation 
  • Failure Analysis
  • Service Techniques Laboratory
  • Advanced Engine performance
  • Dynamometer and Performance Testing

Advanced Vehicle Systems graduates find jobs as:

  • Automotive electrical technicians
  • Electrical systems engineers
  • Validation engineers
  • Electrical design engineers
  • Automotive electrical wiring installers

Our graduates gain more than just the technical skills needed to gain employment in this fast-changing industry; they gain the leadership skills necessary to succeed at the highest corporate levels.

Electrical technicians within the automotive industry earn an annual average salary of $51,396.

About Automotive Technology Department

Located within the Kansas Technology Center, the Department of Automotive Technology is recognized by the industry as offering one of the best academic programs in the nation.


Through the automotive technology program at PSU, gain advanced diagnostic skills needed to service the complex vehicles of today. Learn more about our program through a  Virtual Automotive Department Tour.

With decades of experience teaching and working in the automotive industry, our faculty are world-renowned teachers and experts in their craft. 

 Train on the newest tools and latest equipment found in the industry in 1 of our 7 specialized lab spaces: 

Automotive Technology - 2-Year Lab

Automotive Technology - Collision Lab

Automotive Technology - Diesel Lab

Automotive Technology - 4-Year Lab

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