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As required by the Kansas Board of Regents, students who are admitted as an exception to the minimum qualified admission standards must have an individual plan for success developed in cooperation with an academic advisor prior to enrolling at Pittsburg State University.

PSU Admission Requirements for Freshman

PSU Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

Students who are admitted through this program will have an Academic Success Plan hold placed on their account until they have met with an advisor and signed their success plan

Phi Eta Sigma Crest

Phi Eta Sigma
National Freshman Honor Society


Founded in 1923 at the University of Illinois, Phi Eta Sigma is the nation's oldest and largest honor society for first-year college and university students in all disciplines. The three Greek words appearing on our crest form the motto of the organization" "Knowledge is Power." The Pittsburg State University chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was founded May 11, 2012. Since that time we have inducted more than 1,000 students.


Pittsburg State students who have above a 3.5 GPA after their first semester or first year are invited to become members of Phi Eta Sigma. Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is for life and students are not required to maintain their GPA after being inducted.

Membership Benefits

Students who join Phi Eta Sigma pay a membership fee which provides students with a membership certificate, pin, and t-shirt. Members are also able to purchase cords which can be worn at commencement ceremonies along with other regalia. Phi Eta Sigma awards over $300,000 in scholarships annually and the Pittsburg State University chapter also awards scholarships to its members.

Local Chapter

The Pittsburg State University Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma participates in a wide variety of events including Homecoming Week activities and community service such as volunteering at the Humane Society and assisting with a family picnic. Members also participate in group study sessions, monthly meetings, and leadership opportunities.


As Pitt Encouragement and Education Specialists, we assist incoming students with their transition into the college lifestyle. By understanding the importance of having good connections in college, we strive to turn the freshman experience and transitions classes into environments favorable to the development of positive social interactions. Throughout the semester, we provide new students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be more successful in their academic, professional and social lives.