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Students are strongly encouraged to make appointments to be seen by a Student Health Services medical provider. Same day and walk-in appointments are often available, but not guaranteed.

Advantages of making an appointment include:

  • Reducing your wait time.

  • Seeing the provider of your choice.

  • Scheduling a visit at a time that is convenient for you.

Seeing the same provider you have seen before for a problem (continuity of care).

It is important to be specific about your needs so that you can be scheduled with the appropriate health care provider for the necessary amount of time.  

Student Health Services offers 3 options for seeing a medical provider:

  1. Make an appointment online through the online service GorillaWellness.  You will need your GUS Login ID to access the secure portal. 

  2. Call (620) 235-4452 to schedule an appointment. 

  3. Walk-in without an appointment for conditions that need to be treated as soon as possible. Walk-ins will first be evaluated by a nurse, if a referral to a medical provider is necessary you will either be scheduled for an appointment or worked in around our scheduled patients.

Patients with scheduled appointments may be seen before you, even if you have been waiting longer. (Remember, when you call to make an appointment in advance, your wait time at SHS will be reduced.)


** Visits that do not require an appointment prior to arriving are:

  • Birth control refills from prescriptions written by Student Health Services

  • Emergency Contraception

  • Tuberculosis skin testing or readings

  • Blood Pressure Checks

  • Flu Shot Vaccinations

  • Purchasing over the counter medications

Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to accommodate for parking, possible lines and to complete the registration process. Patients arriving past their appointment time may be rescheduled to another time.

If you have a scheduled appointment you may self check-in using the kiosk in the lobby area.  If this your first visit, you will need to go to the front desk to complete the registration process.

Once the check-in process is completed, you will be directed to the waiting area and the medical staff will be notified of your arrival.


During your appointment, any discussion you have with your provider can be valuable to you in terms of both health and learning. As health professionals we are a resource to provide care, not only for your health issues, but to also promote wellness.

The following are eligible to use the services of Student Health Services:

  • Any student currently enrolled at Pittsburg State University is eligible for services. 

  • Spouses of Students can receive services after paying a student health fee. Services are not available to other dependents.

  • SUMMER SERVICE: Students who were enrolled for the spring semester, not attending in the summer session, but pre-enrolled for the fall semester, are eligible with payment of the summer student health fee.

Some appointments at the Bryant Student Health Center have a required questionnaire. If you have a questionnaire that needs to be filled out, you will need to log in to our online service, Gorilla Wellness. You will need your GUS Login ID to access the secure portal. Once logged in, go to the Appointments link. Your currently scheduled appointment will appear and if you have a questionnaire that needs to be completed, there will be a link titled "Complete Questionnaire." Please complete this questionnaire before your appointment. If you have questions or need assistance, you can call us at 620-235-4452. If you are unable to complete the form before your appointment, please come in early and we can assist you.

Click here for our secure portal.

The Bryant Student Health Center is now offering appointment reminders by text. You will need to opt into this enhanced feature. You may do so by either adding your information online or signing up with our office staff. Once you are signed up, you will receive a text reminder an hour before every scheduled medical appointment.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please cancel through our online service Gorilla Wellness or call the SHS appointment line at (620) 235-4452 so that the appointment slot can be utilized by another student. There may be a charge if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, or have failed to cancel at least two (2) hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.

Any student currently enrolled at Pittsburg State University is eligible for basic health care services through the Student Health Center.

The Student Health Fee, which is included in the tuition each semester, pays a partial amount of any office visit charge not covered in full by insurance or for uninsured students. Students needing special services, procedures, laboratory tests, x-rays, medications or medical supplies will be assessed at a charge customarily much less than community rates. Detailed charge descriptions are available upon request.

Continuing Studies, Visiting Scholars, Fullbright Scholars, and Fort Scott students do not typically pay the Student Health Fee with their tuition. If one of these students would like access to the health center, he/she would need to pay the Campus Privilege Fee at the Student Recreation Center.

Student Spouse Coverage is also available for a, per semester fee. Services are not available to other dependents.

SUMMER SERVICE: Students who were enrolled for the spring semester, not attending in the summer session, but pre-enrolled for the fall semester, are eligible for Health Center services for a nominal fee.

A valid PSU ID card or a valid photo ID may be required to access services at the Health Center.

Pittsburg State University Health Services has a legal and ethical responsibility to safeguard the privacy of all patients and to protect the confidentiality of their health information. Student health information is confidential and jointly maintained by Student Health Services (SHS) and University Counseling Services (UCS) electronically. Student health information is accessible and exchanged between SHS and UCS for the purpose of coordination care. Pittsburg State University does not release private health information about a student without that student’s written permission, except in the case of imminent danger to themselves or others, child/dependent abuse, court order, or where otherwise required by law.

University administrators, faculty, parents, spouses, and partners DO NOT have access to your medical records. During the first visit to the Student Health Services, all students will be asked to fill out a telephone disclosure form. This will allow the medical staff to discuss medical information with the family or friends listed on the form.

Pittsburg State University Student Health Services remains committed to protecting the confidentiality of the health information that is generated as a result of utilizing our services.

Due to recent changes in the law, all patients will be presented with a Notice of Privacy Practices that describes our responsibilities and the patient's rights regarding the use and disclosure of the protected health information.

Effective April 14, 2003, each patient will be asked to sign a document that acknowledges the receipt of this notice and provide us with consent to operate accordingly.

View the Notice of Privacy Practices.

Dear New Pittsburg State University International Student,

Welcome to Pittsburg State University and the Student Health Services.  Our mission is to provide quality health care that is accessible, affordable, culturally sensitive and student-focused.  We are committed in supporting the academic success of our students with supportive health education promoting lifelong health and well-being.  Preventative care is part of that mission.  For this reason, Pittsburg State University Administration has adopted a mandatory tuberculosis testing policy. For more information regarding tuberculosis screening, click here.  Student Health Services will offer a TB testing clinic for students during their scheduled international orientation program.  ALL international students must complete the tuberculosis testing process BEFORE they are able to enroll in courses. 

As part of the admission process, you will be required to fill out a medical history form.  We encourage all international students to either fill out the Immunization History portion of the form accurately, or provide us with bring a copy of their immunization records.  Having access to your immunization history will facilitate our medical treatment and advisement of a potentially needed vaccination. Pittsburg State University does not have any required immunizations for admission. For information regarding guidelines for recommendations of immunizations for students from America College Health Association - Please refer to this web site:

Effective for Fall 2006 academic semester the Kansas Board of Regents required state universities to establish policies and procedures that require all incoming students residing in university housing to be vaccinated for meningitis or to sign a waiver indicating that they decline to take the vaccine.  If you are interested in receiving a meningitis vaccination, please schedule an appointment with Student Health Services at 620-235-4452.

For more information regarding American College Health Association recommendation for Meningococcal vaccination refer to this web site -

Hospitalization costs in the United States are much more expensive than in most other countries. A person who is ill or injured may pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for medical care. Therefore, to avoid enormous expenses that would be beyond a student’s financial resources, every international student is required to purchase full insurance coverage.   Pittsburg State University offers our students the option of purchasing Student Health Insurance through a state-approved plan designed for all Regents' Schools in Kansas, United Healthcare Student Resources,  To obtain a brochure or ask questions, contact Student Resources at directly, or contact the PSU Student Health Services at 620-235-4452.   As most U.S. health insurance policies do not cover the cost of eye examinations, eyeglasses, or dental work, it is advisable for the student to have this work done before leaving his/her country. 

We look forward to having you join us and look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our community!


  • Where is the Student Health Center located?
  • Who can use the Student health?
  • What does it cost to use the Health Services?
  • When is the Student Health Center open?
  • Do I need to make an appointment prior to being seen?
  • Can anyone else see my records?
  • Can my family members be treated?
  • What about birth control, STDs, HIV testing?
  • May I receive an excuse for missed classes during my illness or injury?
  • What methods of payments does the Health Center accept?
  • Does the Health Center offer an IOU plan for services rendered?

The Student health center is located at 1801 S. Broadway.  It is the building located at the corner of Lindburg and Broadway.

Students that are currently enrolled in at least 1 credit hour or more are eligible for services at the Student Health Center.

We bill your insurance first, then bill your student account for any remainder after we are reimbursed by insurance. If your insurance does not pay the office visit charge in full, your health fee will cover all but $15 for a typical office visit (generalized acute illness/injury) and $25 for a preventative health care visit (annual physical, women’s health, etc.). For lab procedures, any remainder not reimbursed by your insurance company will also be billed to your student account.

Some services that will not billed to insurance are specialty visits, counseling visits, medications, and no-show charges. If you opt to use discounted x-ray services through our partnership with Fair Market Health, those charges will be self-pay. These services will be accessed at a charge customarily much less than community rates.

Students who do not have insurance coverage and have paid the student health privilege fee will be responsible for a $15 copay for a typical office visit (generalized acute illness/injury) and $25 for a preventative health care visit (annual physical, women’s health, etc.) The Bryant Student Health Center does not participate with Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Supplement Plans, KanCare, or other state programs. Medicare/Medicaid and uninsured patients will still be responsible for additional services provided at the appointment.

The Student Health Center is open Monday thru Friday, 8:00a.m to 4:00p.m.  We are closed for Federal holidays, meetings and some campus events.  If we are going to be closed during normal hours, there will be a notice on the front door of the health center.

Students are strongly encouraged to make appointments to be seen by a Student Health Services medical provider. Same day and walk-in appointments are often available, but not guaranteed. Walk-ins are taken on a first-come first served basis, with scheduled appointments and emergencies taking preference. Appointments are required for such services as: Specialty Services (I.e. Physical Therapy, ENT referrals, Orthopedic, Dermatology, and Nutritional Counseling), school-related physicals, Pap and gynecological exams, and STD/HIV testing. Appointments may be made by calling, 620-235-4452 or through our Gorilla Wellness online portal.

Any student under the age of 18 must have a signed consent form from their parents on file at the Health Center before medical records can be released.  If the student is over 18-years old, records cannot be seen without a written consent from the student or a court-ordered subpoena.

Spouses of currently enrolled students may be treated by the Health Center by paying a one-time per semester Spouse Fee. The fee covers basic office visits, with additional charges based on treatment. For inquiries regarding this fee, please call 235-4452.

We do not treat dependents of students.

We offer male and female sexual health checkups, education and prevention programs. Condoms are available free at the reception desk.

Anonymous HIV testing and counseling is available. To schedule a confidential appointment contact the Student Health Center at 235-4452.

The Student Health Center provides a written documentation of illness/injury on an individual basis at the discretion of the health care provider. The documentation may then be presented to the instructor by the student for the instructor's consideration.

For illnesses and/or injuries requiring prolonged absence from class, the student should call the Campus Life and Auxiliary Services at (620) 235-4233, to report these absences. The Campus Life and Auxiliary Services will then communicate to instructors after a student's absence of three or more days. Notification by the Campus Life and Auxiliary Services does not relieve the student of the responsibility of later clearing the absence with the instructor. Therefore, students are encouraged to communicate with their instructors any prolonged absences.

Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, credit card and Banana bucks. The Health Center will bill third party insurance for eligible charges and will place a hold on patient accounts for charges not covered by insurance and/or the student health fee.   The Health Center honors the state-approved student health insurance plan, United Healthcare Student Resources, and will submit claims accordingly. At this time, the Health Center is not set up to accept payments online. 

Payment is expected at the time of service. However, exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the health care provider. If a payment is charged, a "hold" will be initiated and the student will not be able to enroll the following semester until the "hold" has been cleared.