Farmers Accelerating Research in Materials Science

Workshop – February 23-25, 2022
Pittsburg, KS

FARMS is a collaborative "day in the life" workshop that uncovers details of every challenge - large and small - that agricultural producers face from sunup to sundown. Through this exchange, scientists gain valuable insights into problems that can be addressed through advances in plastics and polymers. FARMS is led by K-State county extension agents, the Kansas Polymer Research Center at Pittsburg State University, the Macromolecules Innovation Institute at Virginia Tech, and the Biodesign Center for Sustainable Macromolecular Materials and Manufacturing at Arizona State.

February 23: Evening reception for all at Kansas Polymer Research Center
February 24: Full day for farmers and scientists at Southeast Research and Extension Center
February 25: Half day for scientists at The Foundry at Block22

Expected outcomes

  • Short-term projects with immediate impact
  • Long-term research opportunities
  • Development of value-added, locally-sourced products that enhance agribusiness performance
  • Economic diversity through new startups close to the region's renewable feedstocks with a ready workforce from PSU

Keynote speaker

Information coming soon!

Apple picker
Lab workers


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