Block22 by Pittsburg State University
Innovate. Collaborate. Eat. Drink. Shop. Live.

Four historic buildings. One innovative vision. Countless possibilities.

Block22 is an innovative, mix-use, living-learning community at 4th and Broadway in Downtown Pittsburg. In 2018, a unique partnership between Pittsburg State University, the City of Pittsburg, and the Vecino Group transformed four historic buildings at 4th and Broadway into an entrepreneurial center. 

The project was named one of the top university-led projects in the nation by the University Economic Development Association. It also was the catalyst for numerous new businesses to open in historic buildings within a six-block radius along Broadway, from boutiques to bookstores to mercantiles.  

On both the east and west side of Broadway, the city’s main arterial street, Block22 features residential, commercial, dining, and entertainment spaces: 

  • National Bank: Located on the Northeast corner of 4th and Broadway. This is where you’ll find The Foundry — a collaborative small business start-up space and home to University Strategic Initiatives. 
  • Opera House Hotel: Located north of the National Bank building and the oldest building in Block22. This is where you’ll find Root Coffeehouse & Creperie, The Community Room, and the makerspace. 
  • Evergy Courtyard & The Pitsco Idea Shop: Located between the National Bank Building and the Opera House Hotel. This is where you’ll find space to create, innovate, and gather. 
  • Commerce Building: Located on the Northwest corner of 4th and Broadway. This is where you’ll find Brick + Mortar Social House, Pippie May’s home décor store, and TOAST restaurant. 
  • Baxter Building: Located north of the Commerce Building, between the Commerce Building and the historic Colonial Fox Theatre. Formerly home to Juicy’s, a new business will be coming soon! 

About the name: 

The name “Block22” ties into the city’s rich heritage of pioneering entrepreneurs. The city’s founders platted Pittsburg into 51 blocks. The oldest building in the Block22 project, the Opera House Hotel, was located in the 22nd block of the original map — hence, Block22! 

How it was funded: 

Block22 is funded through a public-private partnership between Pittsburg State University, the City of Pittsburg and the Vecino Group, a development/housing specialist based in Springfield, Mo. 

The City of Pittsburg committed $1.5 million in funding from its Revolving Loan Fund, Pittsburg State University committed $1 million in fundraising, and the Vecino Group secured $10.05 million in tax credits. The remaining balance of $5.4 million was in the form of a loan assumed by the Vecino Group and is being paid through a long-term lease agreement with Pittsburg State University.