Application for Admission

If you do not meet either of the guaranteed requirements, you are still encouraged to apply. Your application will be reviewed individually.

As you begin your application for admission to Pittsburg State University, please note the following features of our on-line application:

  • The online application is designed to allow you to progress as your schedule allows. We encourage you to complete the process in one sitting, but if that is not possible, you may exit after saving any section and return at a later time to complete the rest.
  • If you have questions about a section of the application, please click on the  near the item. A box will pop up with additional information regarding the particular item.
  • Each section of an application is listed on the left side of the screen. The continue button at the bottom of each screen will save the information you have completed in that section and move you to the next section.
  • As a section is completed, a  will appear next to that section. You may still add additional information to a completed section.
    Your application for admission cannot be submitted until all sections are complete.
  • Payment of the application fee is required before your application will be processed.
  • If you will be applying as a degree-seeking freshman, be sure you have a copy of your high school transcript or another listing of your high school coursework, including GPA and course grades. You will not be able to accurately complete your application without this information readily available. Applicants must indicate courses, grades, credits and test scores on the application which will be used by the Office of Admission to make initial admission decisions.   Upon request, official transcript(s) and test scores will be required for validation.
  • The application for admission and scholarships must be completed and submitted along with all required transcripts and additional documentation by November 1 (or December 15 for transfer students starting in the spring semester) to be eligible for Admission Scholarships.  Admission Scholarships will be awarded contingent upon funding.  (Self-reported information is not accepted for scholarship purposes).

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If you were previously a PSU student or took PSU courses while in high school and need to reapply for admission.


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