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Take the DISC Virtual Interactive Training System and become fluent in DISC’s powerful human behavior profiling techniques. Whether you’re a business coach seeking authoritative DISC Certification that’s both intuitive and flexible OR you’re a business leader seeking a one-stop shopping solution that gets your entire office DISC Proficient, the virtual interactive training system is enjoyable, engaging and most of all — effective.

Use This System to Become

DISC Proficient – Basic program version for professionals in any industry seeking to improve their communication skills and behavior strengths. Fluency in the DISC language and partial application of the concept.

A Certified DISC Communication Consultant – The certificate is included with successful completion of the program and exam.

This class is offered in conjunction with HRD 716-Behavior Assessments for HRD Professionals. This is a summer (June-July) only class!

How do I Enroll?

If you are a current HRD student, please let your advisor know you are interested in being enrolled in the class.

If you are a non-degree seeking individual, who just wants to take this class, please fill out an application for continuing ed, as a non-degree seeking individual. Once you have been processed, you’ll be able to get enrolled.

*Disclaimer – Taking the class does not guarantee certification.

Additional information

  • Improve Your Skills
  • Course Concepts
  • Sales Training – adapt your selling style to fit each customer’s buying style
  • Leadership Development – adapt management’s leadership style to optimize the employees’ work style
  • Team Building – create teams based on compatible strengths. Fluency in the DISC language and skills and traits
  • Customer Service Training – exceed every customer’s expectations
  • Communication Management – bring clarity & newfound understanding among otherwise contrasting DISC styles
  • The Different DISC Styles
  • How to Identify Each DISC Style
  • Describing the Four DISC Styles
  • Adaptability with all Four DISC Styles
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Leadership and the Four DISC Styles
  • The DISC Sales and Service Process
  • How to use the DISC Interactive Communications Coach

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