The PSU Phonathon  

The Phonathon program at Pittsburg State is an integral part of the overall success of the PSU Annual Fund. Alumni and parents have the opportunity to speak with the students who love to share their personal stories and learn about the experiences of others while asking for support of the PSU Annual Fund.

PSU student callers are proud representatives of the university and enjoy sharing the news from campus with alumni, parents, and friends; receiving feedback on university efforts, updating information on alumni and encouraging everyone to participate in the PSU Annual Fund. The university strives to have personal contact on an annual basis with each of its alumni, parents and friends. The students of the calling team play a key role in meeting that goal and have conversations with thousands of alumni each year. Last year, the callers raised almost $40,000 from nearly 400 donors!

Alumni continue to respond favorably to the students and demonstrate their commitment to supporting the University through the PSU Annual Fund. If you have any questions about the Phonathon or are a student interested in joining our team, please contact Development office.