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Nature Reach gets new wheels

Nature Reach gets new wheels

PSU’s Nature Reach Program has some brand new wheels to help take its educational message to area schools.

Delia Lister, Nature Reach program coordinator, said an anonymous donor funded the purchase of a 2012 Ford Escape to support the program’s natural history outreach efforts. Each year, Lister said, she conducts more than 100 programs in four-state schools, but this is the first time the program has had its own vehicle.

“This is a wonderful gift from someone who cares about science education,” Lister said. “We’ll put it to very good use.”

Lister said the vehicle’s distinctive green color and graphics applied by graphic designer Larry Jump make the car an effective rolling billboard for Nature Reach. That’s an important asset for a program that relies on a combination of fees, grants and donations.

“I’ve already had strangers stop me at the gas station with questions about the program because they saw the car,” Lister said.

Lister said she expects to get a lot more questions in the weeks ahead as she begins another busy spring semester of programs in area schools.