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Russ Rosmait - Metal Casting Program

Russ Rosmait
There are a lot of great opportunities and contacts to be made, and that's the key to getting a job."
~ Russ Rosmait

The College of Technology at PSU is full of unique programs that prepare students for successful careers in construction, automotive technology, graphics and imaging, and more.

But one exceptional program focusing on the art of metal casting is making a big splash across the U.S. and overseas.

The Department of Engineering Technology at PSU features a well-supported program in manufacturing, which prepares students for careers in areas such as metal casting. With his ties to industry, Professor Russ Rosmait - a two-time winner of the PSU Outstanding Faculty Award - has drawn an impressive amount of support for the program, which is one of only 25 in the nation accredited by the Foundry Educational Foundation.

"There are a lot of great opportunities and contacts to be made, and that's the key to getting a job," said Rosmait, whose work has been praised by both the students he teaches and the industries that hire them. "We take students all over the nation and to foreign countries to tour facilities and meet people."

One of those trips each year is to the College Industry Career Conference in Chicago, where year after year students score scholarships, business contacts, even jobs. Having industry friends has also provided the program with valuable equipment, such as a recent donation of MAGMASOFT software worth $600,000. In addition to the advantages of the program at PSU, professionals in metal casting also benefit from Rosmait's annual Investment Casting Institute workshop, which draws participants from all over the world.

With the benefits of scholarships, job opportunities, cutting-edge equipment, and access to conferences and industry, Rosmait knows there's no better place for metal casting students to be successful: "I want students to build their leadership skills, to learn how to transfer those skills to the workplace, and to have successful careers."