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Resident Assistants Prepare for start of school year

Resident Assistants Prepare for start of school year
The RAs have a tremendous impact on each student’s experience."
~ Connie Malle, director of University Housing

When the estimated 1,200 students who live in PSU’s residence halls arrive on Move-In Day, they will find a team of well-trained students prepared to help them make their new home away from home a happy one.

“The resident assistants (RAs) are an integral part of the University Housing team,” said Connie Malle, director of University Housing. “Because they live and interact daily with the students in the residence halls, they have a tremendous impact on each student’s experience at Pittsburg State.”

Malle said RAs are chosen carefully and extensively trained for their responsibilities. They are assigned floors that range in population from 15 to 40 students.

The RAs have a big job. They come to know each student personally, Malle said, and they must be sensitive to each student’s unique needs. Sometimes RAs have to help resolve conflicts or overcome problems. But most importantly, the RAs are responsible for building a sense of community in the residence halls.

To prepare for their important job, the RAs spent the better part of two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in training. The training covers everything from helping students overcome homesickness and resolving conflicts to getting new students involved in campus activities and making friends. The extensive training is a reflection of the importance the university places on their role in making residence hall life safe and fun, officials said.

“We’re very proud of the RAs and the work they do,” Malle said. “They are a big reason that so many students find PSU a great place to live and learn.”