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University honors faculty authors

November 11, 2011 12:00AM

Visitors browse the published works of PSU faculty during the Faculty Authors Reception.

Each year, Pittsburg State University honors members of the faculty and staff who have published works over the past year. At this year's Faculty Authors Reception on Nov. 3, the university recognized 47 faculty and staff who have had their work published.

The faculty and staff honored came from academic disciplines and offices across campus. Their published works include papers and articles in journals and magazines as well as books.

"One important component of being a great teacher is a thorough knowledge of the subject matter one teaches," said Dr. Lynette Olson, provost and vice president for academic affairs. "At Pittsburg State University, we honor faculty research and writing both because it demonstrates individual expertise in a given subject area and also because it fosters continuing academic growth. When their teachers do research and publish their work, students in the classroom benefit."

Faculty authors recognized Thursday were:


Donald Baack, Management and Marketing; Judy Berry-Bravo, Modern Languages and Literature; Andrew Beyle, Engineering Technology; Rebecca Book, Engineering Technology; S. Portico Bowman, Art; Sunghee Choi, Sunghee, Art; Browyn K. Conrad, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences; A.J. Cruz, Chemistry; Tim Dell, Automotive Technology; Christine Fogliasso, Management and Marketing; Phillip A. Harries, Biology; Jian Hong, Kansas Polymer Research Center; Chris Ibeh, Engineering Technology; Mihail Ionescu, Kansas Polymer Research Center; Ivan Javni, Kansas Polymer Research Center; Aesha John, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences; Susan Johns-Smith, Library Services; Alexander Konopelko, Physics; Myriam Krepps, Modern Languages and Literature; Anil Lal, Economics, Finance and Banking; Earl Lee, Library Services; Qiang Luo, Kansas Polymer Research Center; Kristen Maceli, Management and Marketing; Lori Martin, English; Alicia Mason, Communication; Erik Mayer, Engineering Technology; Stephen Meats, English; Kathleen Nichols, English; Zoran Petrovic, Kansas Polymer Research Center; Barbara Pope, Library Services; Brian Sandford, Technology and Workforce Learning; Jan Scheifelbein, Nursing; William Shirley, Chemistry; Khamis Siam, Chemistry; Karen Tompkins-Dobbs, Nursing; Jay van Wyk, Management and Marketing; Donald Viney, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences; Donald Ward, Psychology and Counseling; Carol Werhan, Family and Consumer Sciences.


Donald Baack, Management and Marketing; Judy Berry-Bravo, Modern Languages and Literature; Tatiana Sildus, Curriculum and Instruction; Donald Viney, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences; Chris Ibeh, Engineering Technology; Jo McDougall, English; Michael Fienen, University Marketing and Communication.

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