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Information for Prospective Study Abroad Leaders: Getting Started

If you want to find out more about planning a PSU Group Study Abroad, read through this section. Then contact the Study Abroad Coordinator to discuss your idea for a program and with any questions.

1. Read The Handbook

The Faculty-Led Group Study Abroad Programs Handbook was written is a good way to get an idea of the work involved in planning and implementing a study abroad program.

Pay close attention to

  • details that are involved in planning a program
  • the process to have your program approved
  • the timelines explained in the Handbook.

The Faculty-Led Group Study Abroad Programs Handbook is your guideline for what is expected of you by PSU. If anything in the Handbook is unclear, please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator with your questions.

2. Talk to the Study Abroad Coordinator & colleagues

The coordinator will also be able to tell you how other faculty have planned programs in the past. 
The many faculty members who have led trips are a great resource for first time trip leaders.

The study abroad coordinator can help pair you with a veteran study abroad leader so you can experience what goes in to leading a study abroad program before you take the leap.

3. Design Your Program

There are many ways to plan a program.

  • Some faculty work with our sister universities abroad 
  • Others work through academic travel companies that customize group programs for universities.
  • others work through contacts and connections that they have to create a program on their own.

Organizations that have customized programs for PSU faculty members in the past:

General Information about faculty-led study abroad programs and an additional resource is the Faculty-led 360 website

4. Complete the Approval Process

Once you have an idea of your program and have begun the first stages of planning, you must have your Group Program approved by the PSU Study Abroad Committee. You must complete the Faculty Proposal. Submit the proposal to the Study Abroad Coordinator in International Programs and Services.

Your program should be approved at least eight months before the planned departure date. Be sure to include all the items stated on the application, including: a course syllabus, an itinerary, a budget, and approval from the department chair and dean among other pieces.

After your program has been approved. You can continue with the planning efforts that are outlined in the Handbook.

5. Read our After Approval Checklist

There are several steps that a faculty leader must complete after gaining approval of his/her program by the Study Abroad Committee