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What We Do

Student Activities Council plans entertainment and programming each year for Pittsburg State University students. We select our events from national conventions and only bring to campus the best of the best. The SAC budget is funded by student fees which the reason we "give it away for free." 

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We love new members! In fact, the whole reason any SAC member decides to "make it official" is because we love being involved on campus and talking to as well as meeting new people. Sound familiar? Our meetings are every Monday at 6pm in Grubbs 102. As strange as it sounds, you don't need to do ANYTHING prior to showing up at our meetings. 

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Love Facebook stalking? Great! We love being stalked. Can barely make it through class without tweeting about that droning professor? Even better- we feel the same. Click the links below to take take our relationship to the next level (wink) and to keep updated on chances to win cool stuff:

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