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Sexual Assault
Policies and Procedures

Sexual violence and concern about potential violence interfere with and obstruct the working and learning processes of the university community. The psychological damage is extremely costly not only to an individual victim but also to the community and society as a whole: fear replaces trust, doubt replaces confidence, distraction replaces concentration, wasted effort replaces focused productivity, and a void replaces the contributions that might have come from the victims.

No form of sexual assault will be tolerated or condoned at Pittsburg State University. Sexual assault includes not only those acts commonly understood to constitute "sexual assault" but all sex offenses under the Kansas criminal codes. The University Police annually report all forcible and non-forcible sex offenses. All incidents of assault on campus are handled through the civil and criminal court systems. The University will provide assistance in reporting, treatment and counseling for victims and support to the campus community.

The University will promote policy education for faculty, students and staff.

The University will provide programs designed to define consent to help the community understand and recognize "yes" and "no."

The University will provide programs to address the issue of sexual assault such as healthy relationships, dating, gender roles, and sexism.

The University will make due process available and fair for the accused and the accuser.

Sexual Violence or Sexual Assault is a felony crime. It should always be reported immediately to the University Police, City Police, a resident hall director or assistant, whether the act of violence be by a stranger, an acquaintance, or a "date rape." University personnel will assist in the report process. The procedures outlined below are designed to protect the student who has been hurt by these behaviors and to stop the offensive behavior. The due process rights of alleged offenders are protected, as well as the rights of the victim. Time is essential.

Women should NOT change clothes, shower, bathe, or douche. If possible, do not go to the toilet. Save all clothing, linens, or other items that may have been touched by the assailant for the police officers who will be responsible for evidence. Do not wash clothing, linens or other items that may have been touched by the assailant. All physical evidence, including seminal fluids, hair, blood types and scrapings of flesh from the victim's fingernails are used in court.

Go to a safe location as soon as possible. If you can find a friend to accompany you, that would be even safer. From the safe location call:

Pittsburg State University Police, (620)235-4624

or City of Pittsburg Police Department, (620)231-1700

or Crawford County Sheriff's Department, (620)724-8274

or Safehouse Shelter, (620)231-8251

or Mount Carmel Medical Center, (620)231-6100

or Campus Life, (620)235-4231

or PSU Student Health Services, (620)235-4452

or Your residence hall director or assistant

Alternatively, you may go directly to the University Police Department, 1501 S. Joplin (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or to the Mount Carmel Medical Center Emergency Room, Centennial & Rouse.

You may request that the police investigation be conducted by a police officer of your gender (i.e. a female police officer for a female student, a male police officer for a male student) if available. As a victim of sexual assault, your name should not be released to the news media.

A PRA ( Police Responce Advocate ) will be contacted and if you wish to speak to this person they are trained to deal with victims of assault.

Be prepared to go to the Mount Carmel Medical Center Emergency Room, Centennial & Rouse, and request a medical examination by the Emergency Room physician using the Sexual Assault Kit required for evidence in cases of sexual assault. This is done free of charge to the victim. You should get to the hospital as soon as it is safe and possible. The University or City Police or Sheriff's Deputy will be able to arrange transportation to the hospital as soon as an assault that has taken place is reported.

Make formal complaint against the assailant. A formal complaint for legal action against the assailant should be made to the County Attorney through the Police Department (no fee will be charged). For criminal prosecution a victim has two years to file a report from the day of the crime but it should be done as quickly as possible.

In order to be eligible for compensation under the Kansas Crime Victims Compensation, the crime must be reported to the law enforcement agency where the crime was committed within 72 hours of the event unless the Crime Victims Compensation Board finds there was good cause for the failure to report. The victim must be completely cooperative with the law enforcement agency. The victim must file a claim with the Crime Victims Compensation Board within one year of the occurrence of the crime. Economic loss must exceed $100 except in cases of sexual assault.