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Approved Graduate Teaching Faculty

Name Department Date
Arruda, Joseph BIOLOGY 06/21/89
Chung, Peter BIOLOGY 04/01/06
Dawson, James BIOLOGY 07/26/79
Ford, Cynthia BIOLOGY 07/16/97
Ford, Steven BIOLOGY 09/17/86
Ghosh, Anuradha BIOLOGY 11/11/15
Harries, Phillip BIOLOGY 11/11/09
Nonnenmacher, Hermann BIOLOGY 05/06/15
Peak, Mandy BIOLOGY 11/11/09
Rider, Virginia BIOLOGY 02/14/07
Smith, Dixie BIOLOGY 09/12/01
Snow, Neil BIOLOGY 10/09/13
Wu, Xiaolu BIOLOGY 02/11/09
Zurek, Daniel M. BIOLOGY 11/18/98

Approved Graduate Service Faculty

Name Department Term Date Approved Courses Approved to Teach
Raghavan, Ram BIOLOGY 14/WF 09/2014 BIOL 890: Research and Thesis
Schmidt, Neal BIOLOGY 14/WF 07/2014 BIOL 802: Pathophysiology

Graduate Service Historical Listing