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Campus welcomes the beauty of spring

April 02, 2010 12:00AM

Campus welcomes the beauty of spring
Blooming flowers frame the entrance of Porter Hall.

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We're just happy to have made it out the other side of winter. "
~ Larry Miller, landscaping supervisor
rrival of spring means long hours spent making the Pittsburg State University campus beautiful.

It wasn't long ago that several inches of snow covered the budding daffodils, but soon the red and yellow tulips showcased throughout campus will be spreading color across the grounds.

"It was a cool, wet winter, so we're still waiting for the tulips to bloom," said Larry Miller, PSU landscaping supervisor. "We're hoping they'll put on a show for us any day now."

Miller said his crew members - it takes 14 full-time employees plus a handful of seasonal students to maintain the 275-acre campus - are now replacing the snow removers with lawnmowers. Until it comes time to use them, they're keeping busy by putting out more than 7,000 tulips, 7,000 bedding plants (they'll make their debut mid-April) and 100 cubic yards of cedar mulch.

This summer, the grounds crew will take on a new project - putting aesthetic touches on the new Crimson Commons residence hall area being constructed on Joplin Street. Builders were able to work around some of the mature trees, and although there is no irrigation system in place, there will be green space and new plants to maintain.

This is also the time of year to begin enjoying the newer areas of campus where the foliage is coming into its own, Miller said. Lindburg Plaza, the Bryant Student Center, and the Student Recreation Center are all places he and his team are watching closely.

"It's nice to see spaces that are a year or two old get some maturity to them so you can finally enjoy it," he said. "We're just happy to have made it out the other side of winter."

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