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For more information about Science Day at PSU, contact the PSU Biology Club

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Chemistry Capers Rules for 2014 Science Day


Competitions are divided into First Year and Second Year Students. The competitions begin by first administering Individual examinations for both years. The Individual exams consist of 30-40 multiple choice questions along with an essay-type tie breaker question. The Individual competitions are allotted a maximum time of 50 minutes. After this period the examinations are graded and the top three winners from each year are decided based on scores on the multiple choice questions and the answers to the tie breaker questions, if necessary.

Following the Individual examination period, teams from both years are administered Team exams, each consisting of two questions with multiple sections. The questions are not multiple choice style and individuals from each team collaborate in solving these questions. The tests are timed and scores are based on accuracy and speed of delivery.

Teams consist of 3 students or less. Teams will compete as entered. In the event of a missing team member, a registered alternate may be substituted. Please also note that members of teams are automatically expected to enter in the Individual competitions.

Students should bring 2-3 #2 pencils or equivalent and a calculator. Graphing calculators are allowed.
Previous exams for study are available on request from

The top three winners for each competition will be announced at the Award Ceremony at 2:00 p.m.
in the Oval. The top 10 in each category will be posted to the PSU Chemistry website and on the Science Day website. Trophies will be given out at the ceremony and name plates will be mailed to the schools after engraving is complete.