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Spain Study Abroad - June 2013

with Dr. Grant Moss

Dr. Grant Moss accompanied Nicole Book, Desiree Clancy, Leah Clark, Marissa Fernández, Nicole Fiorentino, Justin Gambill, Heather Hartong, Clint Hayes, Kaitlyn Herder, Ryan Jackson, Lindsay Lewis, Anna Mashburn, Grace Simmons, Jacobi Spresser, Denise Torres, and Paige Wells to Alicante, Spain in June 2013.

Each participant took courses at El Centro Superior de Idiomas de la Universidad de Alicante; she/he enrolled in three, five or six hours of coursework. Students also lived in the city center with host families. In each home, they enjoyed staples of the Mediterranean diet.  

Our undergraduates also shared cultural experiences such as: a tour of the city of Alicante (including the Castillo de Santa Bárbara), a weekend trip to Granada (including la Alhambra, el Albaicín, and un tablao de flamenco), a bullfight in La plaza de toros, a visit to the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante, a presentation at El Instituto Alicantino de Juan Gil-Albert, and a provincial festival, Les fogueres.

Learners commented that during their month in Spain, they became more confident with their language abilities and less afraid to make mistakes as they used the Spanish language in everyday situations. Their world perspective grew while in Alicante, la perla del Mediterráneo. Dr. Moss designed the program for those very reasons; he was also pleased with the positive impact that the group of Gorillas had on those they left behind.

spain 2013

Front row from right to left: Heather Hartong, Leah Clark, Marissa Fernández, Paige Wells, Denise Torres, Lindsay Lewis, Grace Simmons, Desiree Clancy. Back row from right to left: Dr. Grant Moss, Nicole Book, Justin Gambill, Ryan Jackson, Clint Hayes, Nicole Fiorentino, Jacobi Spresser, Kaitlyn Herder, Anna Mashburn.