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Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
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Consumer Education and Personal Finance Resources


This is a great resource for teachers and students of things from the federal government.


NEFE has developed the cashcourse.org web site specifically to help
college-age students on campuses across the country. This turnkey
program allows universities to provide college students with the
resources necessary to cultivate positive money management habits
that will last a lifetime. Money management skills and access to
personal financial planning resources are necessary
for college students to build a healthy financial future.

Mint.com: A budgeting tool that was initially a competitor to Quicken, but Mint.com offered the same services for free. It was bought by Quicken.

Term-4life.com: This isn't tied to an agent and will only direct you to a company that will directly sell you insurance. The site also gives tips on preparing for medical exams and such.

 Pricegrabber.com: Type in what you are shopping for, from furniture to flowers, and it will show the lowest price for it.

ConsumerSearch.com: Allows price matching between name brand stores.

Zillow.com: Shows home appraisal values in the last few years along with other information based on recent home sales in the area.

Powerpay.org: It's a free, anonymous debt calculator where debts and interest can be typed in and a person can see how to accelerate paying off what they owe.

Glassdoor.com: Lists salaries in different professions and compensation packages among other information for jobs in a particular area.

PrivacyRights.org: Lists your rights and how to protect your own privacy online, whether protecting your own credit or handling the "do not call" list.

AnnualCreditReport.com: This is where you get a free copy of your credit report from each of the credit bureaus (not at freecreditreport.com).

CreditKarma.com: Lets you see your credit score and reports for free, plus ways to improve and protect your credit.

Epinions.com: See what people think and get information about some 8,000 different products, from cars to cameras to ice cream makers.

Destinationsrx.com: Type in your medications and it will tell you the cheapest place to get them in your area.

Gasforfree.com: If you can prove you drive more than 1,000 miles a month, companies will pay for your gas if you will put a wrap on your vehicle.

Billshrink.com: From the cell phone bill to gas, fill out their anonymous forms and see if there is a way to squeeze some savings out of your budget.

Freeshipping.org: This one has coupons for free or reduced shipping for many companies.

Voyij.com: Type in where you live and they will tell you where to find the best deals on trips leaving from your area.

Alternativeto.net: Find cheaper software for things that you're already using

Recipematcher.com: Type in the ingredients you've got on hand, and they'll send you back recipes that closely resemble your list.

Findabetterbank.com: Just what it says.

Rentometer.com: Whether you are a renter or a landlord, it shows prices in the area.

Grooveshark.com: It's a place to download free music.

Brightscope.com: Enter in your company's 401(k) and they rank it against other companies based on expenses and performance.

Whitefence.com: Type in your address and it shows how much the different utilities, like Internet, cable and electricity, cost in your area.

Costhelper.com: From babysitting to games to kitchen remodeling, this site shows how much things and services should generally cost, along with possible discounts and ways to shop for a particular item or service.

 http://www.hostmerchantservices.com/articles/teen-debt/: Should Teens and College Students have Credit Cards