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The Pittsburg State University Public Relations / Advertising Club is a student organization based out of the Communications Department. The PR/AD Club helps students enrolled in PSU receive experience in the Public Relations and Advertising field.

Members have access to information regarding internships, conferences, and changes in the professional field. Club members participate in active PR & Advertising for each of the Club’s clients. The club offers free public relations and advertising for any campus organization or local business. Each client will have a committee assigned to provide our services. Through these committees our members will receive invaluable portfolio and resume building material, and Real Experience for a Real World.



News and Events

  • PRAD hosts second annual Zombie Run 2013 (PSU Story)
  • PSU group hosts inaugural 5K Zombie Run 2012 (Sun)

The Public Relations and Advertising Club Consitution
Ratified 5/2006


WE, the students of Pittsburg State University, in order to promote the opportunity to develop individual leadership qualities and an understanding of group action; to provide a “real world” experience to supplement and complement formal education of Pittsburg State University; to allow students to not only see but gain experience in the public relations and advertising field; to develop relationships with others in the public relations and advertising industry; to help out the community and other organizations on campus by providing a quality service that is intended to help such organizations improve their public relations and advertising departments. We, therefore, ordain and establish this Constitution of the Public Relations and Advertising Club.

To read the PR/Ad Club Constitution,
    select either the PDF version or the Word version.
To read the PR/Ad Club Bi-Laws,
    select either the PDF version or the Word version.

PR & Advertising Club logo

Meeting Information

Every Wednesday at 5:00 pm Conference Room 212D on the 2nd floor of Grubbs Hall

Executive Members

Alicia Mason

Executive Members
President - Bobbi Jo Smith

Vice President - Adam Cheshier

Treasurer - Rashid Fielder-Bey

Secretary - Mariah Laman

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Mailing Address & Contact Numbers

Communication Department
Grubbs Hall Room 215
Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762

Phone: 620-235-4063
Fax: 620-235-4686

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