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History of the Department of Biology

Making a History

The academic Departments of universities have pasts, presents, and futures that are a mix of the University in which they reside and their faculty, students, and facilities. The faculty are a mix of people of various vintages with different interests ... some stay a few years and others for a professional lifetime. Students are here 4 years and see the department as a "present", yet their experience here are a result of the past history of the Department. Lastly, the buildings and facilities also reflect the past - opportunities met and overcome, stumbled into blindly, or others still unfulfilled.

This history of the Department of Biology (that began as Biological Sciences) is presented as a collection of material based on various sources. Most important is the "A History of Kansas State Teacher's College; 1903-1949" written by William Thomas Bawden and published in 1952. Others sources include the various early "announcements" (bulletins or catalogs) published by the school and recollections of current and emeritus faculty. Archival material (including Bawden and others) of Pittsburg State University were made available by Randy Roberts, University Archivist.