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Welcome to the newly expanded and renovated Jack H. Overman Student Center!

The Overman Student Center provides students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests with facilities, programs and services to meet the needs of daily life on campus.  Whether you are visiting the Student Center for a meeting, to relax, eat, shop, study or just talk with friends, we welcome your support and patronage.

The ideal university experience brings together the concept of academic achievement with a celebration of human spirit.  It thrives as an educational setting that encourages diversity, aesthetics, and citizenship.  The Jack H. Overman Student Center is committed to these ideals.  It provides a sense of community that unites students, faculty and staff; it reaches out to Pittsburg- and beyond- to offer a stimulating university setting that welcomes everyone as a member of the campus community.

This site is designed to provide you with valuable information about the Jack H. Overman Student Center.  Whether you are planning a small meeting or a conference, relaxing with friends or getting a bite to eat, or looking for a club to join, the staff of the Overman Student Center is eager to assist you.  For further information or to make reservations call us at 235-4791 or stop by the Information Desk.

Thank you for visiting our beautiful updated facilities.